Does anyone ever feel real excitement over anything as we age, yes we look forward to events, but you know the kind of excitement you felt when you were a child waiting for Christmas, birthdays, holidays........ as a teenager, going out, dating.............is it something that diminishes with age.........going out for a meal used to be something to look forward to.........now that has become commonplace..........buying new clothing........again something lots of us do on a weekly, monthly basis.........just wondering, have we become complacent, i don't take life for granted, and try and get something out of everyday...........just musing

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  1. psmiddx

    Hi Starlette, I had trouble logging in on this site. I had to recreate profiles more than twice. Am having trouble getting to the chatrooms, don’t know why.

  2. flowersun

    Hi star,nice to see you,….I get excitement out of my day,most of the time,love my life,my friends on S.C.i got really excited when my son managed to connect broadband,a night ago,couldn’t wait to see you guys,my friends mean a lot to me on here,I know I sound sad,but is true,you all know who you are,and I treasure your friendships,including you,star,(((((hugs))))),soppy old biddy,I am in my old age,lol,xxxxx

  3. starlette Post author

    Well that’s really good to hear Flowersun. and pleased to see you back……..yes i guess that might get me excited too if i had been without the internet for a month…..dosen’t take much does it….lol xxxx

  4. ozzybloke

    Not sure what you are looking for star, as our perceptions and priorities change as we get older. We don’t have the luxury of uninhibited childish enthusiasm, more the controlled enjoyment and fulfilment that comes with maturity. Well that is a generalisation, as we all differ. And having said that, most of my friends are younger than me, so I tend to think young and stay fit enough to keep up. But to answer your question, I do get excited by certain things and my view is that life is more than just taking in oxygen – all other things being equal. So, being in reasonable shape, I am in a position to do things that test my boundaries – get out of my comfort zone quite often and try new experiences. I have a “bucket list” and it’s flexible. Each achievement provides exhilaration and satisfaction – often in overcoming the fear factor. Conversely, I also take great pleasure and get excited when catching up with my kids and grand kids. All different levels of enjoyment. Hope this helps in your quest.

  5. Lou67

    I still get excited about special things.. like seeing a new grandkid,, or meeting a new member to the family.. holidays don’t excite me like they did when I was younger.. But other things have taken there place.. Out with the old and in with the new.. Lou

  6. Debbie4958

    Hi Star, at times I still feel like a kid. The excitement might be different to when we were younger or it could be that we are just excited over different things now. It doesn’t have to be the big things that we get excited about just maybe something small. Maybe it’s just our experiences that we all go through that sometimes that covers that particular thing we used to get excited about. It might have been a death that now makes that time, experience or event not as exciting or happy as before. Maybe it was an argument that now has us walking on egg shells when that certain person is around, which left a certain sour feeling there instead of excitement to see them. Or maybe it’s like that favourite dress that we used to wear everywhere until we see that new one that grabs our attention. I think we are built for change and as we grow older and wiser we tend to look at life itself a bit more serious. We tend to look deep into things instead of just going with the feeling it’s giving us at the time. Life is way too short and as a saying I saw once went something along the lines of….when my time is done and I reach the end of the road I slide in feet first say..WOW What A Ride…

    1. starlette Post author

      Debbie, don’t we women just waste so much time analysing situations…….especially of the romantic sort…………men don’t seem to do this……..yes it will be good to be able to say when the time comes, ” I HAD A BLAST “…lol xx

  7. Maize

    I still get excited about all kinds of things….I’m like a kid when Christmas comes…..and birthdays!……love mine, and celebrating the birthdays of people who I care for………love to spoil them!
    I’m excited by presents…..I love wrapping them and seeing the faces of people when they open them….and I can get into presents in record time….about 2 seconds usually.
    I’m excited when my writing goes well……when I start a story and it kind of falls into place…..excited but at times scared by new people and situations. I think I’ll always enjoy and be excited about the little things in life…..wouldn’t want it any different!

    1. starlette Post author

      Maize the present giving, i also love to see my family open theirs on Christmas morning……… especially when it is something really special that was not expected…………we always open them when we are all together……..yes i do get excited about that.xx

  8. johnwharden

    well what can l say about excitment lol lol ok so when l look at a beautiful woman but theres no feeling or excitment l guess thats when l turn over and die,, ok so thats dribble lol lol

    1. starlette Post author

      John your answer was a given….may many beautiful women continue to come into your life,and keep you at a pinnacle of excitement…..just be careful how you walk…he he. Xxx

  9. CSweet51

    Star, my feeling is that is what grandchildren are for. We have the luck of being able to just love them…nothing else! We can view life thru their eyes. Getting excited again over the little things in life. I love looking at life thru the eyes of my 1 yr old, 3 yr old, 9 yr old and 10 yr old….life is fun!
    My ex never understood this…he was not a happy person and would tell me to grow up…
    I prefer not to and stay in the innocence of childhood thru my grandchildren.

    1. Lou67

      CSweet you and I see a lot though the eyes of our grandkids.. in my case great grandkids.. they do make me smile and excite me,, at one time I was papa.. but I have noticed my sons now that they are papa is push them to say.. great grandfather.. big name change for me.. lol.. just listening to them say it,, maybe smile..I have six so far.. Lou

      1. CSweet51

        I have four and one more on the way….for only having one child he has blessed me with so much! I am Grandma Candy to them and all of their friends and the kids at their church…lol! Love the name! and Darn proud of it!

        1. Lou67

          lol.. I got one of those myself.. he has five of the grandkids..out of ten. (we did good Sweet on one lol).. grandkids do make me smile, laugh and proud.. even when they are in last place.. they were there for the game.. Lou

    2. starlette Post author

      CSweets, such innocence through the eyes of a child, i also loved the wonder that a child sees in things………….. when my grandson was a child we had magical time’s………now he is a 6ft 2in rock god…lol………but i still get so much pleasure out of going to see him play……..he will always be my little Dominic….xx

  10. vonMichael

    What interesting question ist hat you ask us Star? Going back in
    years it was the time that had excitement for us. I think it was
    the same for you in the UK like us in Germany? Weh ad to suffer
    from nothing that was left after the war.
    So every day that has come had an excitement in its luggage.
    In our days / time most excitements come out of our families
    and not from outside.
    For the most of us I would say every new day is an excitement
    in our age. Whereas the baddies can prevail the goodies but
    that differs individually.

  11. starlette Post author

    Well Michael, i didn’t know the years after the war, so fortunately never felt deprived…..as a child all my friends lived pretty much the same………store wasn’t set by material goods………our excitement came from making plans for the next time we would meet up, and what we would do……….simple pleasures……but arn’t they always the best…xxx

  12. chloe7

    I used to get excited about going on holiday touring Europe as a pillion on the back of my husbands motorbike, but he passed away last June so now I can’t get excited about anythig. Question? will it ever come back?

  13. starlette Post author

    I sincerely hope some joy comes back into your life Chloe………..maybe wont be full on excitement again…………just a serenity with life…..xx