Eating Healthy, The Greek Way

Eating Healthy, The Greek Way

I am all excited about my new Greek, Mediterranean way of eating. I hope that I have a pic of a food pyramid that you can see, but if you cannot, google one up for yourself. I have also added the pic to my wall and it can be enlarged. I have been moving toward this type of eating since my twenties, and I had to ditch a lot of the fat, and fattening things I was raised on like biscuits and gravy and sausages etc. In America biscuits are bread and some people add a lot of fat to them. Lucky for me I grew up on a small farm and got a lot of good things along with our refined flour and sugar.

Well, I have now chosen to give up all processed food, which is manufactured food like flour that is dust, and sugar that is a chemical and cereal that resembles no living thing. There is a belief that a diet can clear clogged arteries. Former President, Bill Clinton has gone vegan totally, except for fish occasionally after his heart surgery. I know I may be thought extreme but if your bad habits are making you sick, it makes sense to change something.

I already feel much better and I haven't even learned to cook Greek food yet. I can cook Italian and I just have to use whole grain pasta. I love olive oil and use it all the time anyway. I have a new best friend, southern boy born and FED, who has had heart surgery. In two weeks his vital signs have improved noticeably. He won't do vegan and maybe that is not necessary, but I think he is relieved of some anxiety by making some positive changes. He had already given up his sugary drinks and now he is on water instead of cold unsweet tea.
He is a smart guy like a lot of you here, but locked in by the food known since birth.

What do we have for dessert? We have fresh fruit mostly, dates, with or without nuts and yogurt. You just as well forget about desserts for the most part. I just love all the real, not manufactured food, I am now eating. I have ordered two books on Greek food from ebay and I am happy to learn more and better vegetarian recipes. I already know to add some olive oil and oregano to a lot of vegetable which is enough for now. I also love olive oil and lemon on salads which I read was the thing to do. Well this is not a cook book.

I just don't want people turned off by not knowing how to cook according to some preconceived western notion that food has to be greatly altered from its original state. Raw, uncooked food is preferred by many, so that may help. Please, don't turn a deaf ear; any positive changes made will make a big difference. Remember, mix up some raw things in a bowl and sprinkle with olive oil and lemon and you just may amaze yourself. Add some dried fruit and nuts and you will feel delighted with yourself, and you will be giving yourself a real treat and one that won't add to the flab and clog some arteries.

I do hope some of you will get into this with me. Keep me posted if you do and I will add to my wall as i delve more into the Greek Mediterranean way of eating and above all else, a healthier way of eating. Our bodies were not designed for chemical food. Please, from my heart to your heart, just THINK about it.

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  1. roseinbloom Post author

    I did post the food pyramid photo on my wall and you can click on it there and read it. Mr. Rob needs to addthat to this page, also.

  2. nmod

    Hi ,Rose …in my opinion ( I always seem to have one lol ) it all depends what kind of food you ate before embarking on this new eating plan . If you ate mostly take away food from chain restaurants ,or ate prepackaged frozen meals …or food that were over processed ,without even taken a look at the label .
    Then you will probably experience good results ,improving your overall health …But if you were eating quality food already …it won’t make much difference …simple !
    Also ,remember that many of the Greeks and Italians grow their own fruit and vegetables …which makes their eating much healthier , as their produce is fresh and organic , I suppose we can always buy organic produce from a certified farmer ,but it wouldn’t be the same quality as a home grown product anyway …as it would be very difficult to keep food wholesome when you are trying to grow it for a profit .
    Good food is always good for you no doubt about it ! Enjoy it !

  3. roseinbloom Post author

    Nmod. I always appreciate your opinions and a whole lot of Americans need a huge improvement. I find plenty to improve. White flour and sugar is almost everywhere here. I may grow a few things in my backyard, lots of herbs and some cute little fruit trees would be nice.

  4. lani36

    I have alwys eaten this way ,Father being Greek…… heaps of salad with each and every meal , Virgin olive oil, oregano and never forget a small ammount of flaked almonds each day , watch your hair and nailsgrow strong on Almonds and sometime for a change cook with almond oil especially on salads for a change from olive oil…grow ones own veg whenever one can …..lots of seafood, but one must have red meat once or twice a week for iron and vit b.s….grilled or steamed not fried…..always nice to see someone eating well Bloom…xxx