Drying pillows!!!

I decided to wash my pillows yesterday ~ how long do they take to dry???..

..I pull them out of the dryer and they're still not dry!!!!...sigh..

I think next time I'll just go out and buy some new ones, in fact I just may bin them and do that anyway!!!


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  1. enigma

    If you put a pair of tennis shoes in with pillow…it fluffs the feathers…which lets the hot air in from your dryer and…. hey presto

    1. debz Post author

      Ahh I may try this but will do it when I’m out, I can just imagine the banging in the drum!!! it drives me crazy when a zip is clanking around!!!!

  2. skippy

    Hahahaha debz, did the same and they never dried! Buy new ones every year now. Come on get the moths out of the purse and make life easy for yourself. xxxx

  3. debz Post author

    Ha ha even the moths have vacated my purse!!!……

    he he maybe I should try sleeping on someone elses pillow :0