Do you like to make Christmas gifts?

Do you like to make Christmas gifts?

Considering the ridiculous cost of Christmas these days, did you ever make anything as a Christmas gift?

And conversely, how would you feel about receiving a home made gift? Do you appreciate the personal touch or do you prefer something more commercial?

As an artist it's always been easy for me to create something but I'm also aware that some are not as receptive to it as others which I think is a real shame.

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14 thoughts on “Do you like to make Christmas gifts?

    1. Gael

      Well Pam, when you consider the cost of some gourmet Christmas foods your gifts are luxuries, Pam.

      I used to make chocolates of all kinds to give ALONG with the gifts. Typical OTT American Christmas. haaa

  1. CSweet51

    My favorite gifts are those from my grandchildren, one year my granddaughter sewed Christmas trees for ornaments on my trees. Every year they are displayed with pride. The pictures drawn by my youngest ones are on the refrigerator year round.
    I love home made gifts… they come from the heart, not the store.
    I make home made cards of every kind. I always put together a group of them from get well cards to birthday to easter…everykind. and hand those out as gifts they can use thru the year.

  2. lani36

    Really enjoy making my own Christmas crafts and chutneys and such and decorating the jars, also chocolate making , Cards and my own wrapping papers and boxes decorated….

  3. Jsmile

    I much rather my kids make me things. Be it food or a trinket. I make jewelry boxes or furniture for them. Has much more meaning than commercial gifts that go out of date or we tire of. We also do what we call “recycled Christmas where we swap things we no longer need or something we have that others may need in the family. It’s a lot better than credit card hangover too lol.

  4. lani36

    gael, when my Grandaughter was in kindergarten, she gave me a Birthday card she made , one does not think children are listening to adults conversations , one day I was bemoanin gthe fact my legs are short only 5 ft tall, when i openedthecard it was a concertina shape i pulled the top and bottom upand down and there was nonna in all her splendour kindy style with very long legs all the way down the page , she had given me long legs formy Birthday ,how,s that , do I treasure that ,,, sure do …. she is now 23 yrs. old

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