Hello peeps, do you ever regret things you have done in your life, do you ever regret things you didn’t do…….do you feel we learn from our mistakes or continue to make the same ones over and over again (especially in personal relationships )……..are ( We are what we are ) or can people change……..does our upbringing determine what we become…… we settle cos its easier than breaking free from the tried and trusted……..i personally settled and now regret it…….listened to my head instead of my heart…….

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  1. I don’t believe I “settled” as I made a decision straight after school to go in a direction completely different from that of my peers and family expectations.
    Things have been either good or bad from then on, but at least what has come, or not come, I brought on myself.

    1. Hi Way…….maybe you were always aware of your actions and what the consequences might be……..well for me i would say hindsight is a wonderful thing…….

  2. Personally I believe all things good and bad hold a lesson. I find myself changing slowly when I let go of the regret and look for the lesson. Usually if one door closes another one opens. Right?

    1. Hi there 1099………life is a lesson…..i think we should be born old and work backwards, how good would that be….. knowing everything and each year getting younger……another door will open as long as we dont stand staring too long at the one that closed

      1. A great line which I inadvertently misquoted, a constant visitor Mr. Al Zheimer, knocked on my door at the wrong moment. “The soul afraid of dying that never learns to live”.

  3. Never never look back . Just keep moving forward. Whatever you have done before has already been done . As much as we may want to we can not turn back time.

  4. Of course we have regrets, we feel we “could have done better” …but what is done is done. A lot of our decisions are baste on our upbringings, our personalities, and things we never were aware of what has shaped our thoughts and how we act. But hindsight is a great asset. We cannot change it…but hopefully we can learn from it. Unfortunately most of us were brought up with expectations but were not taught to think. One of the old adages in life is the “golden rule” is still one of the best “rule” to make our guideline in our lives.

  5. Any person who states that they have never had any regrets in their life is either lying or delusional. We’ve all made decisions that , with hindsight , were rash or had far reaching unfortunate consequences. Personally , I’ve made more than my share of disastrous choices including a mostly unhappy marriage. I considered myself therefore , incredibly lucky to meet , at age 47 , the wonderful man who is still my soulmate after 27 years. We all are wounded by life on occasion but I truly believe each such experience makes us stronger.

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