Different types of humour………whats your favourite….

Myself and my good friend and sparring partner ozzybloke were chatting today ..........the subject of humour cropped up..........now I know there are different types of humour......sit-coms, jokes, even black humour ozzy...lol..........and certain types appeal to different people........was just wondering what gives you a good laugh......I love to see Peter Kay, his is observational, things that we can all relate to.......also my Irish friend takes some beating, talk about quick come backs and one liners.........has me in stiches...to be sure to be sure......

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  1. haggischomper

    I must admit in my youth i liked folk like bernard manning , freddy starr , chubby brown…….. Ones that were a but near the knuckle. I now find myself giggling at Kevin Bridges a young glasgow comedian, Peter Kay too and Mrs Browns Boys, the tv series.

    1. starlette Post author

      Freddie Star used to crease me, just to see the expressions on his face would do it for me…….you just knew he was going to pull some stunt or other……Chubby Brown, no comment, other than to say he was a guys comedian……….Mrs Browns Boys, well what can i say…………think some of the funniest parts are when the other actors are unable to contain their laughter…xx

    2. SNAFU

      Good ol’ American political satire is my cup of tea. SHOOT I hate tea. Good ol’ American coffee! My favorites Stephen Colbert and John Stewart. Their writing staff never misses a beat or an opportunity to make the opposing political party look foolish!

  2. cfort22

    If I need cheering up, I’ll watch an episode (or two) of Faulty Towers. As for comedians, I still love some of the old school ones, with their one liners – Henny Youngman, Red Foxx, Moms Mabley, Rodney Dangerfield, Leonard Barr.

    1. starlette Post author

      Faulty Towers was a favourite of mine too…..not sure how it would fare today…political correctness and all that….the humiliation of Manuel…lol xx

  3. ozzybloke

    Hmmm – guess I need to add something here star, given you’ve dragged me into the ring so to speak. Just a word on black humour first – that is part of a survival mechanism frequently found in those employed in stressful/dangerous occupations. I liked the humour of Dave Allen and Ronnie Barker- the latter I considered a master of his craft. On the Aussie front I liked Col Elliot, Paul Hogan, Graham Kennedy; the incisive wit of political satirist Peter Berner; and Max Gilles who did a great send up of Bob Hawke.

  4. starlette Post author

    Ozzy, you would never be dragged anywhere you didn’t want to go……..understand what your saying about the black humour, whatever it takes to get through, I also loved Dave Allen, thought he started a new concept in stand up comedy…or in his case sit down,….Ronnie Barker was indeed a master of his craft…and I;m afraid the other’s I cannot comment on, because I have never heard of them…….sure they must be good ozzy, if you admire them…xx

  5. waylander

    I think the master was Dave Allen. His observational humour and rambling stories were wonderful…..and all without having to resort to a single swear word.

  6. roseinbloom

    Thank you starlette for a good subject. I notice you Brits don’t seem to get our comedians and we had some good ones. Bob Hope was good and I think he was a transplanted Brit. I liked Benny Hill. I like sitcoms a lot. I don’t like crude talk about body functions which I call barnyard vernacular. I do like clever satirical comedy. Jay Leno is rarely funny but I liked Johnny Carson.
    I do wish we could share more entertainment of all kinds.

    1. starlette Post author

      lol lol Rose, called lavatory humour here, and I also do not like this type……..quite a few of your sit-coms I love, Frazier being my all time favourite, Cheers another, so sharp and perfectly timed……..xx

    2. vonMichael

      Hi Rose, my I add this to your comment? A satirist is a person who sees the world like it is, not like it should be!
      I am also on your side in this point.

  7. lani36

    Loved Bob Hope especially his pre -, obitu.ary, Lucille Ball is another that comes to mind, and ,and ,wait for it … some of the Comments on Blogs . hahahahahah.xxx.

  8. starlette Post author

    Michael i have fun in life with my humour……..but i feel it is in writing that my real talent lays…….hope i will always be able to put a smile on your face……then i am happy…xxx

  9. johnwharden

    as for me,well l like any show or any one that puts a smile on my face, to much sorrow these days, world, needs cheering up whats the saying that john lennon said, ohh yes l remember, make love, l,m all for that lol lol