diets and Commonsense

diets and Commonsense

Commonsense and eating is an unknown thing to most people in the USA. We are deluged with advertisements and false information and food that is the best "melts in your mouth". I heard this for years and I thought what melts in your mouth, sugar, fat, and powder; so our food is turned into a product that looks wonderful and melts as quick as possible. I forgot to mention salt, it melts also and is infused into meat that you think is still natural and also salt is added in large portions to everything. Sugar, salt, and fat in an unnatural state is put into almost everything unless you look for special products in a health food section or store.

I read a very good blog and the author says "use common sense". Most of us have none here. We have people weighing 400, 500, and 600 pounds. I call myself trying to be sensible and I am ashamed to say, I have a daily dish of ice cream. The blog hit me full force. I am not using common sense. My weight is normal and I am not diabetic, but I know that ice cream is full of a lot of chemicals, and I will at least get a healthy version and limit it drastically IF I AM SENSIBLE.

Finally, I have gotten sensible enough to eat better to feel better and to fit into my clothes which are sufficient to last for 30 or more years. When I use more common sense, I will be much more satisfied. I am also giving up a lot of sitting activities for
more active ones and I have joined a gym. It is common sense, if I am alive in my senior years, I want to feel good and to be useful and productive. Is that too much to expect to be possible if we live sensibly?

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  1. Jsmile

    I totally agree Rose. Its become an epidemic in the US. Education in this area is so vital for good health. I remember when we actually taught real nutrition in public school and at home. We have become a obese culture and we’re paying big time in sky rocketing health care and long term health issues. Common sense and education goes a long way. Good blog.

  2. powderpuff

    I think bad food and ready made meals has become a problem in a lot of countries, not just the USA. I heard recently that they are worried about the overweight people here in NZ. It isn’t hard to eat more healthily, just eat more fruit and fresh vegies. Snack on carrots instead of a sweet biscuit. Good blog Roseinbloom