Did I Mishear?

In the kitchen at work tidying up after myself with one of the Architects chatting away in the kitchen - suddenly he says "Is your beard ginger?"

My thoughts ranged from OMG did he just ask that ? to HOW RUDE!

Stunned by his comment I slowly turned to give him a telling off only to find another architect had walked into the kitchen  and it was HIM the question had been directed at.

Now anyone else would have thought Phew!  and quietly got on with things - Not me nooooo I had to open my mouth and say "Oh my God! I thought you were talking to me then"

Why oh why don't I learn?

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  1. starlette

    Why would you have thought he was asking you that question Carol……women don’t have beards silly…..Haaaaaa……..and he should have know that women match things up……..collar and cuffs not matching….Tut Tut…….

  2. len1932

    When i want to get away from things that distrub me, as i no longer drive I go out in the large garden and water the plants. then i talk to the quail and the other birds, the honey bees, and the plants.

    1. LoneRogue

      Nature is the way to peace, Len, I agree. How do all those people live in cities without losing their minds. (Hint) They don’t.

      1. ohcarol62 Post author

        I do 🙂 …… well I am bit loopy but even in cities we have links to nature I live in Liverpool in a terraced house with no garden , but I have turned the yard into a small garden with artificial grass and lots of potted plants.
        The plants include bluebells, ivy, buttercups , cornflower, sun flower honeysuckle, snapdragons, roses azalea palms, fushia daffodils, magnolia , dasies , opansies,
        As for animals, as well as the usual cats visiting we also get lots of bees, butterflies, magpies, pidgeons, sparrows, robins, zebra finches, bull finches and chaffinches, starlings , thrush and lots of other birds PLUS every insect under the sun. In our local parks we have geese, ducks, moorhens, Herons, swans, foxes, red squirrels , grey squirrels and an abundance of dogs 🙂

        1. LoneRogue

          It does seem like you are very aware of nature and are seeing a lot of it. And if you are employed most of those opportunities are in the cities.