Decisions………good or bad…….

Take a moment and look back over your life, many choices and decisions will have been made in it...........what was the best decision you ever made?........ in what way did it change your life, where might your life have gone if you hadn't made that decision..........and the worst decision, oh dear!! what was that.........just hope that eventually it came right and you learned from it.....

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  1. merrywren

    The worst choice i have made,this is just one example, (i made many)

    Befriending a woman who unbeknown to me was “Vindictive ”
    she spread rumours about me that were untrue,
    i managed to rid myself of her,…otherwise she may have turned me into someone like her,”bitter and twisted “!

    1. starlette Post author

      The decision to get rid of her was a very wise one indeed………could have gone in a lot worse direction had you not done so…..

  2. Drummer

    Hello Starlette – I hope that many Chatters get involved in this one – what a great opportunity for expressing positive or regretful thoughts. For me the answer is fairly simple – the day that I accepted the opportunity to join a Company here in New Zealand since when I have had the opportunity of travelling the world (well, a lot of it) on behalf of Viking Records – If were to summarize things,-
    I was given the opportunity to undertake tasks that I would never have been able to do back home in Britain.
    Although my job entailed numerous trips back home.
    After well over 40 years I guess I am really a Kiwi, but I have to admit to feeling a Pom at heart!
    Kind regards as thanks for the question -Drummer

  3. starlette Post author

    Hi Drummer, well you certainly made the right decision, but I would imagine you would have had to give it a lot of thought first, or maybe you didn’t, perhaps you recognised the opportunity that was being offered and grabbed it with both hands……….I wonder how many times in life we haven’t taken advantage of opportunities on offer because of fear of change….it came good for you so you will never regret that decision……..but what if you hadn’t, regret could have stayed with you for ever, sounds like you had a very exciting job that enabled you to see many countries and experience different cultures…… my view travel broadens the mind and you can obtain a wealth of knowledge from it ………

  4. davidrv

    Hi starlette.
    Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda. I never look in the past and and regret anything. Sure I am not proud of some things that I have done, but, all those mistakes, all those bad decisions, ultimately have defined who I am today.
    Having said that, I’m sure that I will make other mistakes in my life, but that is a bridge I will cross when I get there.
    As for good decisions, having the courage to overcome shyness and to have a family was and still is my best outcome.

  5. starlette Post author

    Hello David, well regrets are fruitless what has gone has gone, cannot be changed, learnt from yes……..but some decisions have been life changing for some, emigrating, change of jobs, partners….even the decision to have a operation is some cases………overcoming shyness would have been a big challenge, but you decided its one you would attempt and was successful…….and to have a happy marriage and family has to be one of the biggest achievements ever……….

  6. vonMichael

    Sorry Star,
    I’ve never made any bad decisions but false decision, yes I made. Bad decisions are also good ones cos they deliver the result between just good and perfect. They are an easy way to learn the difference for the future. xxxM

  7. foreveryoung2

    I’ve made lots of bad decisions because of my soft caring heart and am still living with some of them, but as I have gotten older I don’t take much crap from anyone any more – so perhaps a lesson is learnt there. I have had a lot of sadness in my life and still have – I don’t think real joy and happiness are meant for me in this life. My mother had a very sad life as well, so perhaps it is in the genes LOL

  8. starlette Post author

    Hello foreveryoung………I think life toughens us all up somewhat, but why should we become nasty people just because of the deeds of others……….nothing wrong at all in having a good caring heart, just have to try and recognise the pieces of work that are out there…… regards to sadness in life, its full of peaks and troughs….hope you get some of the peaks soon……

  9. Scorpio

    Absolutely my best decision was saying to myself, when I first met my partner, this is the guy I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. 22 years on this still stands ?

  10. starlette Post author

    Hi Scorpio, well done you, you got it right first time, but I’m sure you had to work hard at it at times…….nothing worth having comes easy…..

  11. bathchairdave

    You always know how to engage a poor ol bugger like I – lol.
    Why do you want to know? I fully doubt it was a means of extending our “bloginess” – Maybe – just maybe, you are searching for answers? I am however, a sport, and so I will provide you with my mistakes:
    Always trusting, always believing, always giving ” another chance”, never thinking deeply enough ( read ” I don’t feel comfortable with u, please leave me alone” )sort of thing would have done me well.

    Then I’m thinking – hej!! I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I’m ashamed of little in my life, but some – lol.
    Luvs yer style Star az well yer knows!

  12. starlette Post author

    Well hello you…….. I like engaging with you muchly….lol………. whatever it takes to extend our blogginess I will do……..not looking for any answers no, I think pretty much the decisions I have made in life have been positive ones……….odd things I may have done differently if I had given more thought to them, hind site is a wonderful thing…….nottt………but like yourself I have never harmed anyone or done anything I am ashamed of, and that’s no bad thing to be able to say ……luvs ya back…….

  13. CSweet51

    The best decision I have ever made was to keep my baby when I found out I was pregnant. He has now blessed me with 6 beautiful grandchildren and an extended family of in-laws who I care for very much.
    The worst decision was to marry the sperm donor….lol

    1. starlette Post author

      Haaaaa……….the sperm donor…….. luv it……….was going to say but he came for free, but probably you paid dearly in other ways………..wouldn’t think there would be many mothers would ever regret the decision to have their children……..

  14. Cloudless13

    I changed my way of earning money. I got trapped and if honest hooked on what I was doing for a living. I was self employed and did not like to turn work away. Of course that meant working 7 days a week. It came very slowly at first, the odd hour here and there and before I knew it bang it was all work and so tired at the end of the day I had little left to give. I was smoking and drinking most evenings to keep awake, it was a 100 mph trip to a serious ending health wise for sure, mentally becoming drained.

    So it came to pass for several reasons, I put my head above the clouds and reinvented myself, yes the money was not very good, however the quality of life was there to enjoy life more. I now had free time to enjoy what I had….. so now if you read this you can see why the tag name, Cloudless….. 13 was always my lucky number..

  15. starlette Post author

    Was going to ask why the name Cloudless……..walking around with your head in the clouds oblivious of everyone…….nice place to be in some days………well money is definitely not everything, and i am happy your change of direction was a good move for you…..

  16. idigdirt

    I try and not think of it as regrets but lessons. What did I learn? And learn I did and made better choices. I raised my kids like this. What did you learn?

  17. starlette Post author

    Hello idigdirt, regrets are pointless, I learnt its the things we don’t do that we regret……..but decisions…….think the biggest and bravest one I ever took was regarding my career………from leaving school I had worked in shops, then in my 40s applied for a job as a support worker for people with learning difficulties without any previous experience whatsoever, worked my way up to deputy then as a manager………too many training courses to remember, but learnt hell off a lot about human nature….the good and the vileness of it…..guess in that line of work you have to develop a thick skin somewhat with some of the general public……….a big learning curve was not to judge others…….walk a mile in my shoes as the saying goes……