Dear Computer Programmers… Why?

I've been using technology for 30 years now and I have seen how with your skills and expertise IT programmes have evolved from the old Dos Commador c64 that took anywhere up to half an hour to load one simple game with crude graphics to the dawn of Windows 95 and Lynux right through to Windows 10 and even the Amazon Dot .

With your absolute programming brilliance, we now have technology that can hold basic conversations with us, remind us of things, tell us jokes, make our shopping list , control all our electrical items and central heating at home and even pop onto Amazon and buy stuff for us by saying "Alexa buy me a doll  House"!

SO WHY haven't you invented an UNSEND/RECALL key /button? or even a little pop up message after you hit send that says "Are you  sure you want to send this ????" "ARE YOU REALLY SURE???????"

Over the Past month my fingers have accidentally :

Sent a photo of me 'scantily clad'  with an instagram message saying "you me bed now"  to my husband, but which ended up with one of his best friends with  has a VERY untrusting possessive wife who frequently checks all of his messages & emails. (imagine my embarrassment of having to phone her and explain that one)

An email to one of our directors ending in  "Love C xxx"

A half message that made no sense whatsoever to my friend

And numerous unfinished emails.

I realise that not everyone is as stupid as me and double triple check everything before they send so for them an "are you sure?" "ARE YOU REALLY SURE?" option would be unnecessary  but for people like me it's an essential add on.

I cannot understand why it's taking you so long to come up with an unsend/recall/are you sure option, one can only assume it's because people with mishaps like mine (and sometimes worse) give you countless hours of amusement well either that or you are intending to blackmail me ie: We shall send your email with Love C xxx to your Directors wife unless you give us £100000.00 OR you are holding back such a programme until such times that we the consumers can take no more and will buy it off you at any price!

I don't care the reasons why, just tell me how much you want and I'll pay it .

Yours sincerely


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  1. waylander

    I strongly suspect that such technology already exists, but is being withheld from us by “the powers that be” of computing because, somewhere hidden in the ether of cyberspace, is a site only accessible to those in the know where all of our mistakes, cock ups, typos and their consequences such as hospitalised husbands/wives, broken marriages, disgruntled directors who have just discovered they are not loved etc are stored for these absolute b****rds to have a damned good laugh at our expense.

  2. roseinbloom

    Ohcarol, many sites do use a “are you sure” response.
    Your thinking is great and we should have a program that checks for obscene or vulgar etc, but then we couldn’t send a scantily clad to anyone. Today I was coloring my hair and using my computer and up popped me in a dreadful state and I really got a jar. I don’t want such a photo out in cyber world. I could have been undressed or whatever. The camera was near the send arrow. I resolve to be more careful. We have a gizmo that takes verbal commands and I was just wondering if the Gizmo can listen in and pass on info. We have cameras attached to computers and a thermostat that can be changed from the next room or a thousand miles away, so there is little privacy with these devices.

  3. ohcarol62 Post author

    Have you ever watched Snowsen . Basically all u say and do I. Front of uourbpc or mobile phone or smart TVs Can be accessed rfmotfly by NSA and the likes of it is Very worrying I always place my mobile face down or trun my lap top around if ever I am naked or don’t want to be seen