Cures for the Blues.

When your spirits  hit a low mark, what do you do that changes the mood for you?  Does Music work? Does taking a walk outside, or does a call to someone for a chat work? Does a cup of tea or a draft of something help? Do you have a ready remedy handy for the low mood times?

Getting busy at something will help if you can just believe it and do something that works for you. Could we share our best cures for the blues here?

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  1. yassy

    Sometimes l find watching a good film helps, or hearing my husband read a novel to me or talking through what’s getting me down if there is a problem. Rose.

    1. yassy

      Also another thing that has helped me in the past, is buying a small light box, if which can help boast your happy hormones, you use it twice aday, best to get the blue light ones as better for you, they used these when they went upto space.

        1. yassy

          ok but l was surprised how they worked, like l said the men in space nasa needed them as no day light.

  2. roseinbloom Post author

    Yassy, thank you for you comments. I try to find some distraction like television. Nice that your husband reads to you. Talking through a problem is good if you have a person that is good at listening. I like to vent, just rant without getting to actual problem solving. Focusing on problem solving is good. Ranting may come first.

  3. rose1943

    If no one is around to listen or sometimes you just don’t feel like expressing the way you feel get a journal and write it all down. I’ve been writing in one for years. It really helps. I hold uplifting movies and shows on my DVR that lift my spirits also. Ups and downs are a part of life but it’s how we react to the downs that count the most. Thanks for writing this blog, Rose.

  4. roseinbloom Post author

    rose1943, Thank you for your comments. Writing it down sounds like a plan. Some things you just cannot talk to anybody about. If you have been doing this for years, have you found that having a history of life helps you in your understanding and coping. I would love to hear about that. I just heard that Hallmark now has their Christmas movies available since you mentioned movies. You are right. Many of us have the same downs in life, but how we cope does make the difference.

  5. roseinbloom Post author

    Since I wrote this I just read that “acts of Kindness” can make us happier, even thinking about kindness can make us happy. I try to be pleasant to everyone and not to make anyone that I encounter have a problem. We all need to remind ourselves of this very, very often. I know that this works.

  6. rose1943

    I’ve been watching the Hallmark Christmas movies since Halloween. Some I keep, some are kind of silly and I can’t even finish watching. I still DVR the old Mary Tyler Moore series. I love good comedy. Laughter is the best medicene for a lot of people. Especially the laughter that makes you jiggle all over.
    I think the journaling has helped somewhat throughout the years. I need it and you can look at your past in words to see what works and what doesn’t and what makes you feel badly.
    There isn’t much more to do with acts of kindness reaching a certain age. I think I do the most that I can. That’s all I can do.

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Rose1943, I am sure you do acts of kindness and I hope that you take joy in the fact that you can still do for others and that you are that kind of person. Some people are just too emotionally bankrupt to concern themselves with caring for others. To give a smile or a thank you to people can be done by all of us even at our age. To be aware of what you do and happy about it yourself without any expectation in return is not always easy. I know sometimes I get a little tired of all my giving but I just have to stay positive and realize I am who I am and they are who they are and I am lucky to be able to give.

  7. waylander

    A walk with my dog up to the woodland beyond my home. An hour or so tracking through the trees, watching my mad hound run free, listening to the alarms of the birds as they see us both. The noises in the undergrowth as small creatures take cover because i and the dog are invading their homes and my knowing that, while i might frighten them, I’ll not harm them
    Always raises my spirits.

  8. roseinbloom Post author

    Waylander, I am sure it would and you and your dog have had a good exercise for the body as well. Exercise and a pet does a whole lot to help cure the blues. There really are treatments for the blues but no total cure for anyone. I hope you can always walk with your doggie over your hills and dells.

  9. martyn1954

    Music allows me to cut out the rest of the world and to apoint calm down. At work I put my ear phones in and get on with my job. The outside world doesn’t exsist until I take them off. Beautiful.

  10. roseinbloom Post author

    marty1954, I think that is a good plan and I think I need your strategy . I am serious, it sounds like music really works for you. We had a teacher aide who was on Halloween duty with her headphones in her ears and the principal did not like it at all.