Will we ever get to the bottom of crop circles? Are they all manmade? Or are there other unexplained forces involved in their creation?

I suspect that most crop glyphs are probably manmade. The so-called circlemakers have demonstrated quite convincingly that they can stomp down amazingly intricate patterns in crop fields using simple tools and detailed planning. So people can make them. Even long-time crop circle researcher Colin Andrews admitted that he believes 80 percent of crop circles are manmade.

What about that nagging 20 percent, however? There are qualities of some crop glyphs that seem to defy the manmade explanation:

Huge, complicated glyphs are formed in an impossibly short span of time.
Enigmatic changes in the plants, which cannot be accounted for simply by stomping them down, including: elongated and blown-out nodes; increased plant size and crop yield; cellular changes; and altered seeds.
Other strange effects have been reported within “genuine” crop circles, including: effects on equipment; unusual electromagnetic measurements; unexplained sounds; drying out and changes to the soil; dizziness and other physiological effects claimed by researchers.
So if some are not manmade, who or what is making them? Extraterrestrials have been blamed, of course, although no compelling explanation has been offered for what the aliens' intention might be. The Earth itself is creating them, some contend, as a way of trying to communicate with humans that they are not being good caretakers of the planet. If so, Earth’s symbolic message is unclear at best.

Perhaps it’s the military that’s responsible again. Perhaps they have the ability to create these complex patterns via high-intensity microwaves beamed down from computer-controlled satellites. Maybe, but again – why?

Why we may never know. Human circlemakers can certainly prove that they have created glyphs that they have been involved with, if they wanted to. But can they prove that they have created all of them? If the Earth or aliens are responsible, they’re not likely to admit it. And if it’s the military, they are unlikely to reveal the technology.

The only way we’ll know is…. I’m not sure how we’ll ever know, unless the circlemakers really do document every glyph they make and perhaps explain how all the anomalies occur. Or unless the military conducts a public demonstration of that satellite.

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  1. waylander

    Another explanation I’ve heard touted about is that it’s interference from parallel universes.

    Unlikely I grant you, but as likely to my mind as the earth itself or extra-terrestrials

  2. busy

    i have never been close up to one
    If there are crops damaged from the heedrig of the field to the circles then they are man made
    on the other hand if all the crops are from the heedrig are intact then there is your answer they made by satalites landing, no other explanation can be found
    i believe there are inhabitants from the universe investigating other planets