Conversation, Do’s and Don’ts

We are a chat site and many of us are not satisfied, are bored, or take offense and the list goes on. I would like to suggest some improvements and hope that others will also suggest their own.. I would like to stick to improvements and not a lot of negativity.
First, If you are not satisfied, do you bring something interesting or do you expect to find something exciting there for you? We are an international chat site and many things are different and interesting. Food and weather can be interesting or not. The weather and plant and animal life are all good safe topics and interesting enough.

Come prepared to listen, really listen and to talk. Talk respectfully and wait a while if you want to turn the subject to something else. We have an opportunity to enrich our lives here but we have to have an open mind and listening ears to learn about others and their opinions and way of life.

The chatroom people are not different than in real life, so practice the same courtesies and have the same expectations. The rules say we don't talk to upset others, so if we are going to be controversial, we need to tread carefully.

I have had a lot of fun and I have learned a lot so I think we all need to think about something interesting before we go to chat. The highlight of your day or a dreaded chore, or the new recipe are more interesting than having nothing to say. Try to bring some enthusiasm for something.

I am sure people have other good ideas and some may disagree, but I hope we can get a conversation about conversation going. Come to talk and to listen. Lurker's make most people nervous or curious, so come to chat like you are coming to a living room or a breakfast table. Be formal or informal, but be respectful and try to listen and have something to say.

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  1. CSweet51

    Wonderful blog Bloom! Thank you for writing this. Being that we are an international site there is so much you can learn from talking with the chatters!
    When someone logs in, if it looks like a topic is being discussed, just jump in. If you want to talk about something different give it a bit…it will change and it will be up to you to bring it up. Enjoy the chat room, bring a cuppa or coffee and sit down and join the group.
    Welcome to all people!

  2. gwynedd

    I sure hope I’m leaving this reply in the right place lol. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog Roseinbloom. I thought the points you made were very fair minded and helpful and it never occurred to me to prepare in my mind something to contribute to the ongoing chat in the chatroom when the opportunity presents itself. This blog was I think very useful to people.

  3. Gregor

    I can help,since I AM the Gregor!
    My first post. I am in Oregon USA and it is raining like the dickens tonight. I am 71 and my wife, Hazel and I have been married 52 years. Do the math and you see that we were married when I was 18 and she was 16. Absolutely the best thing I ever did was to grab her up
    We have traveled to the UK and even explored relocating there many years ago.
    Please feel free to reply to this boring intro. if you like.
    Best to all,

  4. Shadow51

    Hi Roseinbloom. Interesting, very much like a real social meeting. Bit of a newbie here, but I find it very much like life, I don’t like social gatherings and find social chit chat very hard. I am not antisocial or a loner and am very happy to talk to people at work or one to one, especially about practical things or when people need help and advice.
    So, I will probably give chat rooms a miss, stick to sharing photos etc, but if anyone wants a one to one chat, very welcome