Hello peeps, just a little controversial this, well here goes, and this is just my thoughts and opinion, and everyone is entitled to theirs….can someone, anyone tell me why the footballers  “Are Taking The Knee ” as it is called, i have read up on it and do know its a American practice from way back…….yes we are practicing it because of apparent racism, now if this is so why were we not doing it way back before the murder of George Floyd…..why did it take a thugs death who has now been made into a martyr ?…not saying for one minute he deserved to die as he did but this whole practice beats me….are the footballers doing it cos they feel obliged to……why cannot they just stand tall shoulder to shoulder to show unity…..not into footie but its hard to believe the White players dont get their fair share of abuse too….but what do i know….sod all i suppose but its my pet hate at the moment…until another one pops up…lol 

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  1. Whatever the rights and wrongs of this politically, the thing that annoys me most is the phrase “Taking the knee”. What on earth is wrong with “kneel”?

  2. Not being across the situation I can only say that, as a principle of life itself, “united we stand, divided we fall”. Stand together, kneel together, but not one versus the other. It brought the Roman Empire down and has been wreaking havoc ever since.

  3. Starlette,
    In America, I understood the bending of the knee thing was protesting the American Anthem because the blacks said that they were not receiving equal treatment from the legal system as whites. That the blacks were being treated with much more aggression from the cops than the whites were. The American Flag means so much more than the protest of the black players during the Anthem. I feel that they wanted the spotlight and they got it and what better way than cause discourse and pain for the mother’s who lost their child so the anthem could be respected by standing with our hands over our hearts. But the flag and the anthem means both white, black, and red, young boys and girls died so they can bend a knee upon the football field. Personally I think everyone should bend a knee for the soldiers who died to make us safe so they can protest upon the football field. There are so many more military graves with blacks boys that died with a bullet on the battle field than on the streets by a cop, yet they choose to ignore the soldier and focus on them. I feel respect goes both ways.

    1. Thankyou 1099 for your explaination……. couldn’t agree more about the military. different colours nationalities fought alongside the British ones……..i just feel now whatever we do wherever we look the scales are being tipped to make the Whites look racist against the Blacks …….yes back in history we had black slaves as other countries did but time has moved on…….i have to ask myself if we are so racist and anti Black, ethnic why are there hundreds arriving every day to live in this racist country…

  4. A little late in my response, but this is a sensitive topic for me as well. Protesting the treatment of blacks by disrespecting the anthem and flag that so many people of all colors have fought and died for is offensive. If these athletes and their mega salaries don’t like it here, they are more than welcome to LEAVE.

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