Contention in blog comments

Once again a blog has been taken over by contentions outside the realm of the blog's intent.
I've had a couple of mine go this way, but how does a site deal with this?
It could delete the entire thing as "bringing the site into disrepute" as has happened before, but I dare to suggest that a better way might be the intervention of the "A"'s or site owner pointing out the rules of the site before the draconian measure of deletion is invoked.
A slagging match between members who have taken the intent of the blog so far beyond that intended by the author does no good for blogs, the site or any other rational progression.

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  1. katelin

    Way… there have been occasional blogs which have been used as arguing spots among members from time to time. Rob and Admins do not like to see this, and have have previously interjected our own comments before. We certainly discourage the arguing, whether it has been in the chat room, or comments on site elsewhere, but we also try to allow everyone the opportunity to voice their opinions without censoring unless the comments get way out of line, or if there is bad language used. If we were to censor everyone’s comments, then there would be uproar and discontent that people feel they cannot speak freely. We try to weigh everything fairly and allow people the opportunity to vent, and usually, once people have vented their individual frustrations and opinions, whatever they may be, they move on. As varied as people’s personalities and opinions are all around the world, there will occasionally be those interactions between some members, which may or may not show up in a blog. I will state again, Rob and Admins don’t like this to go on.. we have stated it before.

  2. waylander Post author

    the repy i intended to enter was refused/deleted upon my posting
    That pretty much says it all for this site these days.
    I’ve had it with trying to get some reason here

  3. katelin

    What do you mean, Way? …Is there a glitch that is not allowing you to post? Let me know and I’ll help as much as I can.. perhaps Rob needs to check your settings?

  4. Faye

    Kate has it right Way. None of us like to see arguments in the Blogs, or arguments full stop. But there is always those who will take a simple comment and allow it to grow making it uncomfortable for the few who read Blogs to see. From time to time these adults allow their personal feelings to take over their common sense and it goes too far forcing the Blog to be removed. Some will even attack the author of the Blog personally. Replies to some Blogs happen in the ‘heat of the moment’ and are written by people who normally wouldnt be so in your face. Do we remove them or do we remove the Blog? In most cases it is the Blog that is removed as even the most pleasant of Chatters will allow themselves a vent now and again and usually regret it almost as soon as they have hit the Post Comment button and then it is too late.

  5. waylander Post author

    You think? I don’t. Kate has it as per the “company rules”. I don’t criticise her for this as I don’t criticise you, but I cannot, after all these years believe either of you.
    Rows happen. Removing them doesn’t help in the least.

    1. Faye

      Removing the comments that cause the rows doesnt help…but if the site rules are broken in those comments we can remove the person who made them. Yet again open to interpretation of those rules sometimes creating another row. We have some who quote ‘freedom of speech’ but did those same people ever wonder if those who worked so hard for that freedom would enjoy the fact they use it for bullying, creating arguments, insulting others, incite others to do nasty things etc. I very much doubt it. We don’t enjoy removing members and avoid doing so as much as possible but sometimes it is unavoidable.

      1. waylander Post author

        In some cases I agree and I am in no way trying to criticise the admins. They act as they see it at the time and I have no problem with that.
        If you read my original blog it relates to other blogs being hijacked as this one seems to have been.
        I rest my case

  6. katelin

    Way.. I just tried to give a courtesy reply to your blog in order to be respectful to your comments and observations. I know that you were referring to other blogs, and as an Admin., I was offering a response, rather than just ignore your blog… because you asked the question “how does a site deal with this?”.. and brought up the suggestion of perhaps the intervention of the owner and/or site A’s. …So, to sum up the reasoning behind my comments to your blog, briefly.. the intent/scope of my original comment was just to answer your query.. that we have tried and do try to do our best to handle things and still be fair, since you mentioned the portion about Rob and Admins. Sorry if you feel that your blog was hijacked, I was simply trying to be considerate in giving you a response from my point of view, rather than ignore what I thought you might be wanting.. in at least a courtesy reply to your blog. I’m sure that was Faye’s intent, also. Courtesy responses and dialogue. ..Your input is appreciated. 🙂

  7. Drummer

    All of the foregoing arguing is a major turn off to other people – who like me belong to Chatters in order that we might from time to time share our thoughts with any other Chatters who care to read and (hopefully) respond to them.

    As previously stated my day starts and ends with a look at Chatters – maybe it was a good thing that all the problems
    mentioned above occurred before I signed up for membership
    for there is no way I would have considered doing so if I had read the above mentioned. I am starting to wonder if my interest may have been misplaced? I would personally welcome any comments from other Chatters – and I promise I will respond to them pronto. Drummer

    1. cappuccino

      Drummer,..Please dont let this altercation turn you off Senior Chatters..Quite often,as in this case,the blogger has a valid argument ,and other chatters respond as they see fit…..occasionally,something is said or blogged that causes multiple hissy fits and table thumping,and if one can stand aside and watch,it can be quite entertaining…all part of the rich tapestry of life. 🙂

  8. vonMichael

    To have a different meaning, a different view of points is good and usefull otherwise a statement will be only an echo of what has been said before.
    But any person should pay respect to other peoples meaning no matter if this liked or not.