Today, I came to the conclusion that all elements of my life are truly senior. I also fell over the conclusion that I might try and make the best of it.But will it make the best of me? Already I sm noticing choice is being restricted. Twitter, facebook or chirp let me write as little as I please but Senior Chatters demands at leadt 300 words. At a time of my life when I quite enjoy being a woman of a few wise words, I am being stretched to a new truly senior moment in time to hit my 300th word. Hey! You didn't want the 300 words afterall - confused!

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  1. lani36

    i’m sure your blogs willbe quite interesting rosa, just write as many as you can it doesn ‘t have to be exactly 300 words ,i have written 200 sometimes and it.s gone through … looking forward to seeing what you have to say , have a nice day xxx.