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Hi Chatters,

Just a quick note.  Much has been said about the new chat engine. Some of you hate it, some of you like it and some of you just don’t care.  This makes it really difficult to second guess what the majority of people would like to see.  So I’m going on the general feedback posted on the site and basing changes on that.

What we have done is temporaily closed down the Community Room access from your Private Chat Bar and instead created a dedicated room for it.  To access the New Community Room, simply click on the ‘Chat’ link located along the main horizontal menu at the top of any page.

By doing this we can aleviate the two biggest issues.

1) Increase the size of the room by default
2) Add a userlist to the room by default.

The chat bar at the lower right of your page will function exactly the same way for private chatting and private group chatting.


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      1. Thanks…I was use to accessing those rooms through the ‘chat’ tab that has now been dedicated to the ‘main’ chat community room … just an adjustment for me ….thanks all 🙂

  1. I like it rob, is good that we know who is in the room, thats made a big difference , lot more will come in and chat, was a great last night, made us happy to be chatting in the same room, thanks for the hard work you put into it

    1. Thankyou for contacting me to tell me about the changes.
      I have hesitated about calling in the chat rooms mainly because of my age but I will give it a try.
      THanks again.

  2. I dont know if anyone would be interested in having a chat with an old codger like myself. I am 85 years old and my hubby is 87 but he now has Short Term Memory Dementia.
    I am thankful that I leant how to use a computer some years ago when my son asked me to write down all my tales from when I was born, which takes in being bombed out twice and machine gunned twice during the London Blitz in WW2 .
    God Bless All.

  3. Thanks, Rob for the invite to comment on the new changes and it seems from what I am reading they are being well-received.

    I dont use the chat rooms as a rule so do not feel I can contribute anything – but I may drop in and take a look.

    Hope you all enjoy your new chat environment – thanks to Rob’s hard work.

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