coffee, caffeine and other addictives

coffee, caffeine and other addictives

Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol , some of our favorite addictives are all, All very harmful. I don't think that most people know just how dangerous these chemicals are; even coffee and tea
Coffee. I know you can see all kind of things telling you that coffee has good effects. If you dig and search you will find the bad effects. One of the worst effects of caffeine is that it can cause heart irregularities, and another is that it aggravates the whole urinary tract. I have drunk coffee for 50 years and am still trying to get off it completely. I have always tried to limit the coffee. I know my symptoms are better immediately when I drink less coffee. Coffee also stains your teeth and ages your cells especially your face.
I never smoked, didn't like it and have drank very little.I am so glad of that. We know smoking is a killer and drinking is like playing russian roulette. It is addictive and when it is out of control, any meaningful life is over and it is a killer also.
I like to have fun, but I would recommend that everyone addicted to any substance try to get unhooked and if you are not hooked, avoid any regular use of an addictive product.
Any and all addictive products are harmful and getting off is difficult, painful and can be fatal. These substances are to be taken very seriously. I wish I had not drunk coffee for 50 years and I am glad that was my only addiction. This subject will not be popular, but I think it needs to be stated and heeded.

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  1. vonMichael

    What do think Rose should one give up living? Your are not showing any alternatives that can replace those dangerous fixed habits???? Michael

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      HaHa, vonMichael. All the things that are not addictive are a better choice. Sex can be addictive, but it is supposed to be healthy and the wife usually doesn’t allow an addiction, or should I say that one of the couple prevents an addiction process. LOL

  2. waylander

    As an addict to both coffee and tobacco (and a lover, if not addict to alcohol) I admit that, according to current advice, you are completely correct.

    In many ways, especially financial, I wish I’d taken your advice many years ago, but at my age now I tend to say, what te hell and carry on.

    1. vonMichael

      That’s what the majority of people think and say. Rose forgot to mention sex. That can be even noxious, ruins the figure, can bring sorrows and lead a person to tobacco and alcohol. And at this stage they will play the russian roulette again and again and again.

    2. roseinbloom Post author

      waylander, we have all been told to “eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you die”. How does it feel to have nicotine, caffeine and alcohol working for you? Maybe the laugh is on me. I don’t know what I am missing.

  3. Lou67

    You know Rose what you say is so true.. The first 50 years of my life,, I didn’t smoke, drink coffee, tea or liquor, I went to the gym three times a week.. Ate lot of veggies, very little red meat,, Saw my doctor twice a year,, When I retired at 57 I was in excellence health,, Ask my doctor if I had drink, smoked, chewed, ate lots of fat food,, before I could finish,, He said you would more than likely be dead if you had been doing all of that.. So I said you are telling me if I drink, smoke and eat anything I want,, then it will catch up with me in fifty years.. He said that’s about how long you can expect to live.. When I left his office I went by and got me a carton of smokes, a case of whiskey and a couple of BigMacs.. On his recommendation I got a guarantee of another 50 years if I started smoking, drinking and eating what I want.. Lou

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Lou, It is a good laugh, but I think you got the doctor wrong. I am sorry if I spoiled your fun. Remember, if it is fun; it is immoral, illegal or fattening and now we can add fatal.

      1. Lou67

        lol.. Rose you are beautiful,, I pretty sure he knew what he was talking about.. Cause he is a doctor and he read it on the internet,, lol Lou.

  4. flowersun

    I try and drink less tea and more water,as for smoking,disgusting habit,your clothes smell,yuck,yuck,I drink a little coffee,alcohol, I drink very little,…don’t get me wrong,I to have smoked,plus drank,luckily I woke up,before it was to late,thanks for the blog,roseinbloom .

  5. PollyPie

    I hear what you are saying Rose, but for some people the struggle to trying to kick the habit can be too stressful.
    When you think that in 2013, the USA alone had 32,485 deaths on the road. 38,364 suicides. In 2010 they had 14,173 murders of which 8,297 deaths by firearms.
    Everything we do from birth is working towards our death, and that’s one certain thing about life.

    Linda McCartney didn’t smoke, didn’t drink, and she lived her life trying to be good to her body. She died of cancer at the age of 57.

  6. millie

    There is good and bad to everything, and as stated too much of ANYTHING is not good for you, including vegetables and EXERCISE. Coffee, tea, wine, etc. (with the exception of hard liquor and cigarettes) all have beneficial effects in moderation. There are guidelines for all of these substances as to where the benefit runs out and you enter into the harmful area. We live in a somewhat over-indulgent and instant gratification society; but, while you should, naturally, read and heed the warnings about over-use of these substances, much of it is simply common sense.

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      millie, I think it is a mistake to mix addictive substance with vegetables. Do you know anyone who has destroyed their life with vegetables? Commonsense is not prevailing too well these days.

      1. nmod

        I think you eat to many vegetables ! If you care to google you’ll find out that fruit and vegetables are loaded with pesticides and chemicals that can in large amounts be harmful to your health , also a study done on breast feeding women found that vegetarians had a higher level of pesticides residue in their breast milk than non-vegetarians .

  7. tessa

    I don’t want to live a long, long life but I do want to be selfish while I am living as long as I have to, so I won’t be giving up anything I take pleasure in. Life is such a miserable proposition that I can’t fathom depriving myself of a few indulgences no matter how unhealthy they MIGHT be!

  8. lani36

    hi bloom, well some things are more harmfull than others, even too much vitamin k ,from green leafy veges, can be harmfull, tobacco certainly is, and too much alcohol, some things in life are addictive ,if one has an addictive personality…..
    we will leave this mortal coil in the way we are meant too, so try not to hurry the process by over indulging on everything……

  9. nmod

    I drink coffee because I like it , not because I’m addicted to it …when it comes to coffee I’m fussy ,I like a good quality coffee ,I drink it strong ,hot and unsweetened … I usually drink one cup a day some days two , and some days none . …I mostly drink it at home ,because I make it the way I like it .
    All addictions can be harmful ,not only to oneself but often times it affects the whole family .
    As with everything moderation is the key …in my opinion ,if our inner voice is telling us something is not right , it probably isn’t …so listen to it and try to work it out . After all ( as Dr.Phil always say ) we can’t fix what we don’t acknowledge … Some times an addiction can be a cover up to some emotional trauma that needs to be dealt with . 🙂

  10. roseinbloom Post author

    I agree with almost everything you say but if you try to quit coffee you may find that you are very addicted as I did. If I skip coffee for a day, I will get a headache.
    I am still working on quitting.

    1. nmod

      Rose , I doubt I’m addicted to coffee , because I can easily go without it for days ( never tried longer lol ) the reason is because I would rather go without it…than drink the cheapie instant stuff .

  11. starlette

    Now i don’t drink tea or coffee, and don’t touch alcohol………..but this sex lark being noxious and ruining the figure….where did that come from……..thought it burnt off the calories…………well i guess this theory has to be tested out a little longer………so in the interests of mankind you understand,, i will continue to be a guinea xx

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Starlette, I totally think you have the right idea. At our age, chasing a man will do wonders for our figure and health. Most of the men are so grateful for the merry little game. You have one volunteer but where is the aerobic benefit? Don’t answer. LOL.