Climate change

Do you believe in Climate change as the scientists claim?
I do ,because I have seen some very strange weather patterns over the last few years , from droughts that lasted 7 years to pouring rains that flooded and wiped some of our small towns off the map ...

we have had floods and droughts but not as bad as the last few years....

Our snow came early and heavier this year than other years,it was a pleasure but different , we usually only recieve a small smattering of snow , this year it fell heavily in towns that have never seen snow let alone heavy falls like they recieved ....

More Whales are beaching themselves along the coastlines,perhaps that could be put down to interference from satelite signals as the Wales find their way by sonar just my theory , not scientific.....

My Spring bulbs were fully bloomed before winter had ended , and doubled in size and abundence , most unusual, and there are very few bees around my Lavender ,usually their buzzing all over it ...

I would like to know if anyone has seen changes in their weather patterns over the past five to ten years , or insect and animal behaviour because they are the one's who usually predict changes .. so my Grandpa taught me , he used to say always watch the insects , birds and animals , they tell us what is going on in nature.... looking forward to enlightened opinions about the presumed Global warming predictions ...Lani xxxx.

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  1. roseinbloom

    Lani, interesting that you had a grandpa to teach you about nature and weather. I remember vaguely looking at the wooly worms to see what kind of winter we were going to have. I really don’t know if there was any real value in looking at nature to foretell the weather. I am sure some of our ancient folk wisdom is lost.
    Getting to science and climate change,I believe in climate change. There are two questions about climate change. One is there climate change? Is the change due to human causes or just the forces of nature at work. I believe that there is climate change much of it is caused by humans. The weather, air and gases surrounding our planet are in a delicate balance and interact with the sun and our universe. The pollution interferes with everything. Weather does shift due to forces of nature but this time there is a lot of pollution interfering with our atmosphere. In any case pollution is a huge problem and our planet cannot survive it. The bees are being killed by the massive use of insecticides. I did a climate March in Sept 2014, the march was to focus world wide attention to the need for changing thing to prevent climate change. A lot of it has to do with producing too much carbon by burning fuels and others causes like methane gas. Nature is in a delicate balance and what humans are doing is upsetting the forces of nature.
    Thank you for a serious but needed blog.

  2. sylvestercat

    Hi lani,An important topic you have raised,I am still a bit skeptical about global warming and am unsure whether its a cyclic event or whether its habitant induced with spumming CO2 and Methane into our air atmosphere from industry and waste.I believe our world to be a living organism hosting a multitude of flora and fauna all of which keep in balance the ecology and environment of which us humans are only a small part as against the unseen or misunderstood whole.I think its us by burning forests to make way for profitable palm oil plantations,burning forests to make way for mac burger materials,mining coal to feed dirty power generators and other such things as aquaculture where the input exceeds the output at the expense of our oceans,ad infinitum.Still,the last ice age peak of about 15,000 yrs ago is still receding and may explain the melting of the perma frost,the frequency of El Nino events and increasing global temperatures.Global warming ?,maybe its just humanity shitting in their own nest.please pardon but it makes me mad to see the ecology and environment destroyed by bulldozers identified with a $ symbol.

  3. starlette

    Hi Rose, i would have said i have seen climate changes……example the flowers flowering earlier in Spring, Summers used to be hotter and longer as i remember them as a child, but then i read that this is not so, past records from years ago re the climate and weather conditions tell me things are pretty much the same as they ever were……..maybe i remember things through Rose coloured glasses……but then on the other hand we are told we are ruining our planet and causing climate changes…..the Ozone layer and all that…….soooo……who knows

  4. Susannah

    Hi Lani, I really like that you are blogging about climate change. I can’t say whether it is being caused by man and nature is using it’s vengeful forces to make man realise that he isn’t the greatest force on this beautiful Earth. I think that we all have to acknowledge that more and more disasters are being documented than ever before and I think maybe that has more to do with lightening fast communications and the fact that nearly every corner of the world can now communicate with the outside world.
    It is definitely a fact that destroying nature, in every form, is endangering every single species on this planet-including man. So I think people should wake up to the fact that for every action there are consequences and harsh ones at that.

  5. lani36 Post author

    Thank you all for your interesting replies, there are many reasons I guess if it is climate change, I feel we are all aware of the destruction of the Amazon rain fores etc , which are the lungs of the world so it is claimed, aerosols etc, carbons,, however there seems to be a resistance by some Governemnt Authoritiers here to force changes , our previous Governemnt placed a small tax on increased profits on the big poluters, but the new Governemnt whenthey got into power rmoved it immediately becasue they are sceptics about climate change… Also they are hand in Glove with the big mining and electricity producers in this country,sad to say..

  6. cappuccino

    I agree Lani..That our Govt is beholden to big business,was the main reason they ditched the polluters tax….Anyway..On a lighter note….I,v long noticed,that when ants come into my kitchen,rain is only a week or so away….I guess,like pussycats,they dont like getting wet either.

    Bleedin ,ell….Just put me sheets out to dry,now its startin to rain !!!

    1. roseinbloom

      Cap, You should have had ants a week ago. That is a new weather predictor for me. I only get ants very often and when I do I make them very unwelcome.

  7. cappuccino

    Ants……. Rain next week.
    Washin on the line……Rain in 15 minutes.
    Quick dash into market,car windows 2 inches down……Cloudburst in 30 seconds.