Christmas Alternative or not?

Christmas Alternative or not?

Some people who feel that Christmas is too commercial donate their Christmas present money to charity and, instead of sending presents, send their friends a card telling them how much has been donated to charity on their behalf. What do you think of this idea? How would you feel if you received such a card?

Cheated or would you see the logic behind it?

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  1. starlette

    Ermm, if i was sure that was where the money had gone would be ok by me……..then I would send a nice little card back saying Christmas greetings, and I know you will be thrilled to know that I have donated your xmas present money to charity also……xx

    1. laurie

      You would be sure that was where the money had gone because the charity would send you a card stating the gift had been made in your name. As for people donating my present money to charity, I would be very happy to know that instead of spending it on a meaningless gift they had used it for something worthwhile in the true spirit of the season.

  2. merlou

    I agree its a good idea,afew from close family yes ,a lot of people are giving to charity now

  3. laurie

    Been doing it for years and find people are less miffed if you buy them something from the charity’s gift shop such as a calendar.

  4. cappuccino

    I,m in two minds about this,
    My experience with giving to charitys,is its followed up by a blizzard of snail mail begging letters,often from organisations that the charity has sold my details to,not to mention the phone calls around 5 to 6 pm when I,m preparing dinner,asking for more.
    I have to wonder how much of my donation actually goes to good works ,and how much to promotion.
    I dont mind budgeting a few dollars a week from my pension to give to worthy causes,but I hate tearing up thier begging letters and having to refuse ,on the phone,coz i just cant afford it.
    Just my feelings on the subject anyway.

    1. laurie

      You don’t have to wonder where your donation is going. You can search the name of the charity at watchdog groups such as Charity Navigator and CharityWatch to find out whether or not it is a reputable organization. There are many excellent charities available. Just a few examples:
      American Bird Conservancy
      Alley Cat Allies
      Amnesty International
      Best Friends Animal Society
      Feathered Friends Forever Rescue/Refuge, Inc.
      Heifer International
      International Fund for Animal Welfare
      Save the Children
      Share Our Strength – No Kid Hungry
      St. Jude Hospital for Children’s Research

  5. starlette

    Agree with you on this one capps……….i have a direct debit go out every month to the NSPCC…… problem with that, but what i do have a problem with is letters and phone calls asking me if i could increase it a little………and………the Red Cross and other charities forever sending me little cards plus envelopes and pens….now how much are these costing the charities, i do not want them, but feel obligated to send a cheque for something i throw away………xx

  6. Jsmile

    Christmas has has been way too commercialized just as all holidays have.
    Cards are cheaper for sure. My charity is giving to needy or poor people in the church. That way I know and can choose who I give to. it is the celebration of Christ’s birth. What better way to show charity love and compassion? Great post Gael.

  7. vonMichael

    Times of jeopardy and deficits are over now Gael. Which means we cover our needs at any time in the year so there isn’t really much left for Christmas we could donate. I’m with Star to much effort is been made by charities by investing in disposable products.
    Since many years we are spending money to a special hospital for childhood illnesses which is located in the our neighbourhood.
    By the end of Nov. each year we get a report what the hospital has done with all the donations.
    And by the way the money we spend is in the same amount of what our meals will costs. Not more and not less.

  8. starlette

    Well, through the post again today, charities appealing, we have Dr Barnados this time….as lovely as the little cards and coasters with the Robins on are, what am I going to do with them, to the local charity shop I suppose….and yes, I wrote a cheque and posted if off……..I eagerly await for the next one……..sigh…….xx

  9. watergypsy87

    I live in a very small town and the one of the saddest things that I see on Boxing Day are presents left outside the door of a Charity Shop as donations.Some even have the wrapping on them.What are we coming to…..?