Each day we face choices. When you wake up in the morning, you must choose between returning to the warmth of your blanket and softness of your pillow, or rising to meet the onslaught of the breaking dawn. In my case, it’s the urgent call of nature that helps me to decide.

As we progress through our daily lives, we chose what we want to wear based weather, what’s available, my case- ironed or wrinkled, and for many-what others are wearing. We select the brand of coffee we brew, what we desire for breakfast, and even whether we are going to feed the cat. I could go on and on, but I am quite sure I have made my point.

Having said this, is it not logical that when confronted with fear or pain, depression, or anger, that we consciously chose to allow these things to dominate us? During my tour in the military, I found myself in several situations where I had to choose between facing the reality that I was wounded or that it was just a fantasy. Reality won.

Even today, we have to choose between fact and fiction concerning the prevailing epidemic.

The question here is, how does one make the right decision? Decisions based on previous experiences, coupled with current realities, is an excellent starting point. Add to the equation, a good heaping spoonful of gut instinct, and a massive pinch of common sense. You are good to go.

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  1. Very nice summation, ‘a gut full of instinct, and massive pinch of common sense.’ You left the imagination dangling somewhere. Oh there it is beside fantasy being kicked out by reality, so not fair. Another delightful piece.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful critique. My English teacher is turning in her grave right now I’d bet. I still hear her lovely voice whispering things like don’t forget the period, that should be capitalized, change the verb tense. One day we were asked to write an essay 500 words on any subject we chose. Mine was 498.0584 words…figure that one out dear….LoL

      1. lol Yep! There is that lovely imagination. I know each writer has a unique style of writing that is their own, but I do love a good laugh, I wished I could dip into the colorful style of writing. You have it…thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Nightflyer………my gut instinct has never let me down in affairs of the heart…..I ignored at my peril……..other situations such as medical issues you cannot ignore, although many bury their head………day to day as you say its easy peasy…….if your in any kind of management position then decisions have to be made…….could be from a group discussion, but at the end of the day its your ultimate decision, and its you who will take the flack if it turns out the decision was the wrong one….in the current climate with the covid19 then you have to weigh up the pros and cons…….a calculated risk I would say……proceed with caution……do not become complacent, nothing has changed since the beginning of the virus, it hasn’t disappeared into thin air ….we have only lowered the infection rate by our actions over the last few weeks….let your guard down and back it will come to bite us on the bum….use your own brains and common sense……but alas, sometimes there is a shortage of that around…

    1. Starlette you are a wonderful writer. I am sure there is a lesson here for me……………………….but I can not imagine what it is………………………….hummm………………………..let me sleep on it. Thanks for the lesson……………………we all are learning aren’t we…………………….lol

      1. I do agree 1099, Star does have a way with prose. I find her writing as comfortable as a hot bubble bath on a cold winter day, after having worked 20 hours slaving for the almighty coin. It’s truly refreshing.

  3. I respond to any comment that comes to me, and I have never given you lemons that I recall. Both you and Starlette are very good authors. How’s that? Both of you are gifts, one wrapped in humor the other wrapped in sentiment, and both have lovely ribbons. Thanks to you both.

    1. the only thing good about me 10 is that I like to chatter a bunch. I enjoy writing for the sake of writing. And mostly I enjoy new friends to chat with. Lastly, I do like women with fire in their souls and you and star fit that bill. Have a good day