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I have been a SC member for more than three years. I recently returned to the chat room after not being on for over a year. Today there was a conversation going on. A member, who was from South Africa, had "USA" on her profile, and someone wanted to know why. I suggested that maybe USA stood for Union of South Africa, which is the original name of what is now known as the Republic of South Africa. Patricia became extremely upset and angry, and badgered and remanded me endlessly, told me not to "interfere," and stated that a report would be sent to Rob, the owner of SC. I was just trying to give help on the confused status of this member. Patricia told me not to "interfere" anymore, and inferred that there would be consequences. I am not used to being treated in this manner. I guess that everyone in here follows the "rules" regardless of what they are or how they are treated by the "boss" in charge of the room. Does anybody have anything to say about this?

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  1. waylander

    Patricia does not go off pop unless she has a damned good reason. Give it a little time, Jay. I can almost guarantee she’ll be proved right.

  2. faye

    Jay, the Monitors and Admins are here for the protection of all the Members. This particular lady, being from South Africa yet having a USA IP, may well have been a Member banned from here by Rob some time ago. If Pat was trying to check this she wouldnt need someone questioning her motives at the same time…..these checks take time to do and can be quite frustrating at the same time.
    As for the “Union of South Africa” comment somehow I don’t think you will find that in your list of places on here…..USA is definitely United States of America….LOL

  3. skippy

    Jay there have been many blogs on this subject, Whips wrote a good one if you care to look back called admin and monitors. This was at a time when a small number of people were questioning admin and monitors while they were doing their job. It is worth a read as are the replies, have a good day xxxx

  4. jojo

    I think Faye is right Jay – Pat was probably checking up on the member because her profile said USA when her IP said something else. Many scammers join this site putting themselves as living in one place, when they are from another. The only reason I can think of why someone would say they’re from one place when they aren’t, is to deceive and why should anyone want to do that, unless they’re joining the site with a view to scamming members? That’s precisely why Rob has monitors to check out these people. Please don’t take it personally – Pat was just doing her job.

  5. krazykatlady

    jay,our jobs would be a lot easier if other chatters didn’t question our every decision….if you didn’t understand what was going on,wait for the monitor to finish what they are doing and then talk to them PRIVATELY about it…there’s no need to argue in the lobby…

  6. tessa

    and u r blogging why? to exonerate yourself from any wrong doing? And the whole site needed to know about this why? Because you hoped to garner some sympathy for yourself? Sooo tired of the endless tattle tailing game..suck it up!

  7. morvenna

    Oh dear…..can I just say that the monitors are just trying to protect the room…they do this well I think…I have respect for their decisions…they know what they are doing. Many times I expect people have come on and tried to decieve people…saying they live somewhere that they don’t. ….and the monitors, I assume go through a procedure..This is why this site is the only one I would think of coming on. Plus…can I add…the monitors do this voluntarily.
    Thanks again monitors
    Morvenna xxxx