Chapter 19 – Clear Skies

I have had so many chapters in my life, I’m sure there would be more than twenty in my book. But I think I am on Chapter 19 and it would be called, ‘Clear Skies’.

 What will Chapter 19 – Clear Skies be about?

I would have already written 18 chapters full of excitement, sadness, love and adventure, so Chapter 19 would be about reflecting on the past years and finally figuring out the right and wrong things I’ve done.

Briefly it would be about my looking back on the last 18 Chapters which have been varied to say the least.

I’ve been involved with such colourful people from government ministers, archbishops, pop stars, homeless, thespians and many more.

I’ve lived in different countries with fascinating cultures.

Had so many diverse employments and learned so much about meeting people.

Now in Chapter 19  I look back at the goodness, the miracles, my mistakes, unfortunate events and people, the embarrassments, the love and the heartache. If I were to describe my life In one word I would say adventurous.

I see life so much clearer now. All the wise quotes that get posted and passed on I now understand and wonder why I didn’t understand them when I needed them. It would have made life so much easier.

I haven’t got a title for Chapter 20 yet because there is room for one more adventure.

Chapter 19 – Clear Skies.

If your life were a 20 chapter book, what chapter are you on, what’s it called and why?

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  1. I read your blog with great interest. Although my life has been nowhere near as interesting as yours , I find that as I age I too find myself reflecting on the what ifs of life. What if I didn’t do that , what if did this instead . Whatever was i thinking when I did that. What happened in that relationship, which is the question I wrestle with the most. So many friends so many lovers where did I go wrong, if I’m unsure of what went wrong how can I learn from my mistakes? Lots of things to mull over as I age.

  2. Hi Polly, well I like to think I have a few more chapters to go yet……….. I learnt many years ago how fragile life can be, wasn’t nice at the time but it made me appreciate life and not take anyone or anything for granted………I don’t look back on anything with regret, there is no point, I try not to contemplate the future too much, that could well make me feel down, we are in the Autumn of our lives, the Winter one I don’t want to think of……….in this chapter I just want to get out and about as much as possible, experience new things, meet new people………I would call the chapter………”.No More Striving ” and why…… remind me that those days are over and to be content with what I have……I will always have an open mind to learning new things, but wont put myself under pressure to study and pass exams for a bit of paper,………..time chatting and laughing with family and friends is precious to me……….simple times but the best times…..

  3. Hi Polly I have often thought I could write a book – like you I have been lucky to have jobs that enabled me to travel, first in and around England – Eastern counties in particular. Did a little bit of broadcasting soccer matches for the Colchester Hospitals service, I well recall Lincoln, Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Northampton.

    Then when I was 40 years old a complete change – out to New Zealand – where I produced Recordings of all sorts, I was fortunate to be able to travel to nearly all of the South Pacific Islands, the USA and back to Britain a number of times and of course Australia.

    No as I approach my 88th birthday – I guess (if I was writing a book) I would be moving on to the Epilogue.
    And as you put it “Simple Times are The Best Times”
    Enjoy them!

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