Changing Times?

In a time of apparent change and trouble I consider what has gone before. Was it better or worse....or just different?

Have things changed that much or is it only our perception of how things were and are now which colours our view?

Watch the kids today, the vast majority I mean, as they walk round with their trousers at half mast and their hoodies pulled up covering their faces. “What do they look like” I have heard many say, but think back. Think back to when you were 15 or 16. Mini-skirts and hot pants? Tight jeans and flowered shirts? What did we look like to the previous generation.

Think on that before you criticise.

Today’s kids, in the main, are no better or worse than we were at their age.

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  1. tania

    Good post Way…….It would be a dull world if we all liked the same things. There is nothing wrong with being different.

  2. jojo

    It’s not in the way they dress that today’s kids are different Way. I couldn’t give a toss about pants at half mast, piercings in the most unlikely places etc., but in my day, we were taught to respect our elders and each other. We were taught to do a full day’s work for a day’s pay. We didn’t behave as if we thought the world owed us any favours. We used polite language. We were taught courtesy and good manners. We were taught to take responsibility for our actions and pay the consequences for doing something wrong. We didn’t expect a free ride.

    You hardly ever see kids outdoors playing cops and robbers or any fun games we used to play. They’re all too busy indoors, glued to their computers, busily slaying imaginary foes left right and center.

    To my mind, this is a hell of a lot worse than “different” – it’s sad and tragic.

  3. waylander Post author

    And that is their fault? I think not!

    The way the kids act these days. their manners, are what they have learned from their parents. And who brought up their parents? WE did.

    So you could say that we started the rot

  4. kiwigirl

    Jojo, as far as I am concerned, looking round my neighbourhood, the teenagers of today mirror their parents. I have had no problem with the local youth, hoodies, low riders, satin boxers or whatever. A lot of these youths have been exposed to a life time of drugs, parties, alcohol and violence. To blame them is not fair, the blame lays solely at the feet of the generation who should have taught them the respect and behaviour. The parents have led by example and it shows.

  5. macathy

    I agree Way if the parents were taught manners they will teach them to their kids hopefully,
    But if the kids use the manners is another thing,looking around there are some wonderful young kids.
    Let’s give them a chance.yes there world is different ,but so were we.

  6. davidrv

    I think that we all go through a rebellious stage when we’re stuck in between generations. If it’s only the way you dress and act, well that’s easily reversible. If it’s tattoos in the face or a criminal record, I guess you’re stuck with that for life.
    I don’t mind the Goth look. Reminds me of Morticia on the Adams Family. She was alright. Miniskirts and Hotpants…Go Dukes of Hazzard!!
    Good blog waylander.

  7. jojo

    In your blog Way, you talked strictly about the kids today, and how they aren’t any different from the kids of our generation, saying they only dress differently. Sorry, this is just not the case!. I agree – parents who bought into Benjamin Spock’s idiocy about not disciplining our children, not teaching them right from wrong, respect or giving them any values,but allowing them (as Spock put it) “room to grow” -i.e. no rules, no restrictions, no guidelines – they are responsible. The worst part is that the future generations will have the same attitude as the kids of today, who will in turn, pass it on to their kids etc.

    My kids weren’t brought up this way, but back then, mine was a voice crying out in the wilderness – all the other mums of my generation were embracing Spock’s cockamamie dictates heart and soul. But kids today are very different to those of our generation and it’s not just because they dress differently either, regardless of whose blame it is.

    As a matter of interest, Dr. Spock subsequently apologized publicly for his book, saying he’d been wrong, but I think the repercussions of his book will be felt for many generations to come.

  8. foreveryoung2

    You’ve certainly provoked a lot of thought Way – I believe the difference between us as children and the way we brought up our children, is that the children of today are not allowed to be “spanked”. I know my son gets so frustrated with his sons and would like to give them a good “spanking” (and I would like to give them the wooden spoon at times) but he knows that he can be charged for that, and the kids of today know that, and they play on it.
    As for the different way of dressing, I think that is generational – I loved my multiple starched petticoats and thought I looked wonderful with my full skirt swinging as I walked. (lol):)

  9. waylander Post author

    Consequences, or the lack of them these days, is what you are both talking about I believe, Jojo & Forever.

    I agree there are few consequences for the very young (under 18) these days. I clearly remember getting a clip round the ear from out local policeman, and I wouldn’t have dared tell my parents for fear of their reaction because I knew they would take the view that I must have done something to deserve a thump and probably given me a couple more.

    That has all changed now with laws telling you cannot smack your kids and the police almost powerless to deal with the little tearaways who cause havoc in the community.

    But the changes in the laws were our generation’s doing. We brought these silly regulations in so you cannot blame the youngsters for taking advantage of the law. Although it was heavily weighted against us, I know my little crowd knew what we could and could not be pulled up for and were not backward in pointing that out to the “authorities” when necessary.

    However, despite all of that I still believe that the vast majority of youngsters around today, be they from the UK, USA or anywhere else, are still decent people.

    Perhaps this story which happened to me about 8 months ago will illustrate this:-

    I walked down to our local shopping precinct at about 2100 one evening. As I approached a lady of about my age passed me and said “Be careful that bad mob’s out in force tonight. Right little bastards they are”.

    I continued and, sure enough, there were about 20 of them. 15 to 17 year olds and all congregated round the entrance to one of the late opening shops. In fact the one I needed to get to.

    When I approached they ignored me and carried on laughing and pushing and generally larking about.

    Now I could have taken the “old grump” approach and ordered them out of the way, but I didn’t. I merely said “Excuse me lads, can I get through? I need to get some milk”

    The result was profuse apologies and an immediate parting of the crowd to let me through. On the way out one of them asked me “Did you get everything you needed Granddad” to which I replied “I’m not your Granddad you cheeky little bugger” The result was general laughter among the group and I proceeded back home completely safe and unmolested.

    You see I treated them as normal human beings. With a little politeness and tact and they reacted accordingly.

    There’s nothing wrong with the majority of kids these days. It’s just that, like my generation before them, they won’t take any shit from anyone. And I don’t blame them in the least.

  10. bluesky55

    Hi Waylander – You and a few others have already said what are my exact feelings about our youth of today. I think that they are no worse than any other generation. With the horrific problems that we adults have created, both worldwide and within one’s own communities, it’s amazing that they function at all. (My opinion, of course)