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 Dear Mr Taxman PartII

Dear Mr Taxman it’s been 3 days since my last confession and I thought you just may be missing me a little. Since I last wrote I took on some good advice and to improve my home filing system I have adopted the Japanese tradition of de-cluttering. The Japanese hold each item individually and if […]

 The Cost of a Simple Mistake

I am sitting here thinking how one small mistake can cost so much, two days ago a telephone technician was replacing some wires on a pit section just across the street from my home, my landline/internet went down. I thought, oh well he needs to fix something. He was there for good half hour and […]

 Bloggers unite

This isn’t a blog as such……and I don’t know how I am going to spin in it out into the required number of words…….so all the dots will have to suffice……..just want to say how marvellous it is to see so many new bloggers covering varied subjects and inner thoughts………long may it continue……….

 Lonely glad I have my little LADY

Been depressed. SPENT THE HOLIDAYS ALONE.My life is at a stand,still right now, going no where. Sure be good to have good dependable friend to to talk to. I have no friends here,or no one I can count on as a friend.Seems pretty slow paced here.I’m from Wichita, went to Maryville, for nursing college. I […]


As I sat in silence one day, looking around the room, I began to notice how many “things” I had. It was quite over whelming, thinking about the things inside of things and how, now, all the things have multiplied. It was at this moment, I wondered if all these things were weighing me down. […]

 Are they just a way of making money?

There are many online dating agency’s in many countries.The question is do they actually work or are they nothing more than money making machines. I am fortunate to have known many people and some have tried them and no one found that special person. Are there any members on here who can honestly say that […]

 Time to farewell Sc

I have been a member on this site for about 6 years and when I first joined, it was a great site and I met some great people got to know a lot about them and still chat to them….in other places because they have either been banned or have left for whatever reason. Im […]

 Death and Contempations

Someone stated that so many celebrities have passed this year. Who gives a chit? How many of our friends on here have disappeared? As this is a senior site, have they died? We do not know. So this year perhaps 10 celebrities have passed. Think! How many of those you’ve known in here have suddenly […]

 Happy New Year To all my Friends.

Wishing all my Friends on Senior Chatters a Very Happy New Year…Good Health , and Happiness to you all…Take care my friends….special mention to von Moshael I got your message Thank you, unfortunately the message page would not work…Good Health and Happiness to you….Ann your English Friend.