Bonfire Nights in the 60s

Who remembers bonfire nights when they were younger? I remember we used to have a gang, (not a nasty gang lol) more a group of friends who were always together.We used to go down the lanes to a place called the clay dubs, and collect as much wood as we could for our bonfire.

We built the bonfire on some vacant ground, where there would be new houses built later,woe betide anyone that tried to take any of our wood away lol. We did take things so seriously I think.

On the 5th November our street would all put their fireworks together, and we would all watch the display on the front street, It was always brilliant, and showed how families came together at such time to enjoy these simple things.I remember one of the neighbours boys putting a rocket into a jam jar, and his Father telling him not to as it needed to be upright in a bottle, Boys never listen , and the firework was lit, and sailed through my Parents front window lol. One other time I went along the street to call for a friend, and her mother got a box of fireworks out of the shed, My friends brother was hovering around with a sparkler, and the next thing we knew the whole box of fireworks were exploding around us, they are really dangerous if you are not careful. After the fireworks we would take a potato to bake in the fire, and go enjoy the rest of the evening around the bonfire.

These to me were the good times, as opposed to some of the youth of today throwing the fireworks around, sometimes with the intention of causing damage.

I am not good at putting a blog together, so I hope you get the gist of the times I remember, I can always throw it on a bonfire lol ..Thank you

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  1. Very similar memories for me too, Tania, although my crew, myself included, were not above chucking the occasional banger behind a group of watchers round the various bonfires of the area.

  2. One incident from a bonfire night over 60 years ago is still very clear in my mind. My father was supervising the letting off of fireworks in the back garden of what was then our family home. Our garden was long and narrow with a path leading from the back door to a hedge at the bottom. I can see my dad , as clearly as if it was yesterday , bending down in front of what we called a ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ He lit it and the firework literally jumped into the air taking poor dad by surprise. He sprinted down the path but the darn thing seemed intent on following him ! My mum , myself and my little schoolfriend were in hysterics but , needless to say , dad didn’t see the joke. 😂 Happy Days

  3. I enjoyed reading of your fireworks memories, Tania. And, may I also add Scorpio’s memory of “incident from a bonfire night….”. I don’t have fireworks memories for my dad forbid the use of them.

  4. Hope you had more success with your Catherine Wheels than we did Tania, a tiny turn and then Psssttt it fizzled out……..always remember the smell after Bonfire Night, the air still full of Smokey fumes…….was certainly a community activity…….does anyone even have bonfires on their gardens anymore ?..

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