BI-RAD 4b and Cancer Update

I wrote a blog about a suspicious mammogram result, BI-RAD 4b. I have since had a biopsy and gotten the result. I feel I need to publish an update for those that are in suspense.
I was called with the news that I have a 0 stage cancer which some do not call cancer. I have the best positive negative news today. I will go for a consultation on Thursday about treatment.
I am inclined to be very conservative in my treatment. I most definitely will have surgery.
5-year survival rate for this type of cancer is 100%. I wish I knew more.
It is frustrating that I am left without information of this type. I googled and found most of the information that I am stating.
I am not going to live forever and I am as concerned with the quality of life as the length of life. I don't plan to take treatments that make you sicker than I am like chemotherapy.
I don't follow all the doctor's usual treatments. I don't take all drugs that they prescribe.
My doctors seem to understand and seem willing to work with me. That has been a great relief in this dismal drama. The doctors and staff have been extremely kind and responsive. This makes this ordeal much easier. I am a bit afraid, but not too much.I appreciate all the kindness of all the SC members on this site.
I do balance quality of life with quantity of life. Our medical profession does not do that.
I welcome any and all comments on this discussion.

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  1. katelin

    Rose, my thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult and scary time. It’s good that you have caught this at such an early stage. May you breeze through the necessary treatments you decide on. This will all be behind you soon. Stay positive, and know that we’re always here for you.

  2. foreveryoung2

    In my thoughts and prayers. I am like you – I prefer quality of life to quantity of life. I have promised myself that if I do get a terminal illness (my mother had breast cancer) that I will have surgery but not radiotherapy or chemotherapy – the side-effects are terrible and I have seen family members and friends going through it with the only outcome a painful and uncomfortable time before passing. If I was a young woman I would go for it all, but not at this age. I wish you well in the coming days and months, and hope it all goes well for you – it has been caught in the early stages and that is a blessing. Take care xoxo

  3. roseinbloom Post author

    Thank you foreveryoung. My mind is not made up about radiation therapy which they like to call radiotherapy. It depends on your age, health, and your particular cancer. Radiation is not hard to handle for breast cancer, but it also causes some cancers. Chemotherapy, is too poisonous for me to consider it medicine. Just let me go in peace.

  4. leedslassie

    Hi Rose, I’m hoping that my story will reassure you. I turned the big 50 in 2015 and was called for my first mammogram. I wasn’t at all concerned as I had never had any lumps or other worrying signs but was recalled as they found high grade breast cancer in situ (In a milk duct in my right breast) I had surgery and was given the all clear in July 2015 and have been back at work for a year now. Naturally, It was an experience I don’t want to repeat but thanks to the wonderful doctors and nurses I’m still here! Chin up and stay positive Mel ☺