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Well folks,  I’ve read the last few blogs and have to confess I didn’t understand a word of them ! 😕 Now does that make me stupid I ask myself and the answer is no I don’t think so. I believe I am a relatively intelligent and well informed member of our little community and I’ve enjoyed reading and also writing blogs over the last few years. Try as I might though I couldn’t however make any sense of the recent ones. I am an avid reader and will attempt any genre of book that takes my fancy but those pieces of writing were totally beyond me. Did anyone else beside myself and one other member read them and reach the same conclusion or is it just me ? Having said all this nobody else seems inclined to put pen to paper so to speak. Maybe I’ll try to put my poet’s hat on and pen a little ditty ! 😊  

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  1. Scorpio ‘I read it’ as his attempt to say religions are all inter connected. That Religion is Man’s way of perceiving life before the scientific revolution. One religion is a spur off of another form of belief of ancient beliefs explaining life and creation. ‘Faith’ is believing what we can not understand right now, but one day it will open up for us. So we live life by falling down and getting back up, believing there is a better tomorrow and we are forgiven for our mistakes as we forgive others. I’m sure I read his stuff wrong, I perceived through my eyes according to my path in life. I’m right at 61 years old and still learning.

  2. Ms. Scorpio, I totally understand what you have written and do so agree with you. Basically, the unmentioned Blogs are a bit too abstract for this old boy. I have traveled to many places and visited many diverse cultures in my lifetime. While in college I loved History and Geography and I have dabbled with philosophy. But with Mr. Tibet, I truly feel lost.

    1. Having ploughed my way through three utterly incomprehensible blogs , I lost patience and made a caustic comment which didn’t go down too well but – no more ramblings , funny that ‘eh. 🤭

      1. No need for caustic comments and gloating cos you think you have got rid of a blogger…..takes all kinds and all brains to understand some blogs…if you dont you dont……but no need for rudeness and the big gloating face…..not called for…

        1. I seemed to have rattled your chain but I suggest you get off your high horse and mind your own business. Nobody will ever be rudely obnoxious to me and not get a reaction. I never just sit in a corner and take it , I come out fighting with all guns blazing. You would do well to take heed of this.