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I posted this story a while ago,I often think of this experience,and I still have no explanation for it.It’s 100 years ago this month since the Battle for Verdun started and I thought I’d like to share this event. I was a history teacher for many years,in a fairly tough Comprehensive school.History is still my […]

 Bye… thanks to friends……

I’ve been a Ćhatter for about 8 years now….loved it,loved writing in the groups, proud of knowing some wonderful people,but I feel this is the time to take a sabbatical. I’ve never recovered from a bruising I received a few weeks ago from certain people I respected.Another member posted material which was derivative and posted […]

 Our General Election……

Tomorrow is our General Election, and I guess most people are tired of all the speeches, photo opportunities, lies and name calling. I have no intention of making political points….I never do,even tho’ most people can tell which side of the political fence is mine….. BUT…..please remember to vote,…..whatever your political allegiance may be! If […]


I was looking for a reading to give on the theme of ‘Love’ and came across this one,simple,moving and surprising… The Greeks always ‘had a word for it’and they had several for ‘Love’.’Agape’ was brotherly love,charity,love of God for man and man for God. There was ‘Eros’-physical, sexual love,’Philia’ meaning love between friends, and ‘Storge’, […]


As my friends know, my passion is History…and I’m fascintated by all the strange tales we find in the darkest,loneliest back alleys of the past…stories full of horror, humour, and hatred…..stories from The Dark Side…and here’s Sawney Bean!! Sawney ( Alexander) Bean was the semi-mythical head of a 48 member clan in !5th-16th Century Scotland. […]


During the ‘War to end Wars’ armies on both sides experienced the horrors of modern, industrial warfare,the tanks,poisoned gas and barbed wire. British dead numbered 800,000, with 20,000 losing their lives on the first day of the Somme offensive in July 1916. Thousands more returned home with bodies and minds badly harmed, and the youth, […]