A Koala bear is sittin' up in a tree, smokin' a joint;
Along comes his little lizard friend who asked Koala what he's doing.
"Smokin' a joint, Liz, come up and have one."
So the lizard joins him on the tree branch and they both smoke a
bunch more joints. The lizard tells his friend, "I'm gettin' thirsty so
think I'll go down to the river for a drink."

So off to the river he goes but is so stoned he falls in the river; along
comes an alligator and pushes Lizard back on the shore.
"What's the problem little fella?" asks the Alligator.
"Thanks Alli, I've been smoking joints up in a tree with Koala bear
and did too many I guess."
"Wow, I have to look into this," says the Alligator.

So off he goes into the woods, finally sees Koala bear in the tree,
still smokin' joints; he yells to Koala, "Hey, whatcha doing Koala?"
Koala looks down and yells back - "Shiiiiiiiiiit Dude!!!!!!! How much water
did you drink?"

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