I have a question dealing with what is being scammed onto millions of curious but unsuspecting citizens with regard to solutions to nagging medical issues. Every day on your computer there are 4 or 5, 15-20 minute ads for solving unpleasant annoying personal, but common complaints. Here are just a few….Tinnitus, joint pain, weight reduction, loss of memory and many others. They ALL contain the following teasers and apparent documentation:

1) There is always a “Doctor” or lay person who couldn’t find answers from his own medical community and decided to do his own research by reading all the literature on the subject and to speak with physicians working on the same subject. Often traveling to distant, primitive areas where rumor and stories are difficult to authenticate.

2) The TV presentations are professionally produced and believable to the average viewer. They are expensive productions.

3) The presenter always claims that after years of research and a great deal of travel he has found what he believes will resolve your malaise. The cure is always organic and without side effects.

4) Many of the organic plant ingredients are difficult to find in volume and not easy to determine appropriate amounts necessary to claim that without the labor intensive experimental tests they would have been unable to have come up with a viable solution.

5) They warn the prospective buyer that several of the key ingredients are found only in distant countries and that they can not guarantee how long their supply will be available.

6) The “Buy now” site offers sale prices way below the hundreds of dollars many on the team recommended even for one bottle. Tempting!

7) The purchase site usually offers three choices of one, two or three bottles. What I find remarkable is regardless of the ailment they are trying to sell relief for….Joint discomfort or cancer the price is oddly around $69 for a single bottle.

8) Strangely, no matter how many bottles you purchase there is always a money back guarantee

if not satisfied. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

So as we ponder whether to buy or not, fortified with hope and the thought that relief is just a short odyssey away down the yellow brick road, I leave you with one last site to satisfy your curiosity.


Thank you for reading this,

Colin Mackenzie

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