alone at this time of year!

the way i feel alone and lonely in caring I wonder if its being a carer the reason that i am still living, because I know without being so needed and feeling this loneliness i would have long ago given in and gone the coldness of being lone, is this felt by others whom are deserted to do what is needed ?

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  1. Afraid vonMichael SC dose not seem to be my place have been here a long time on and off and do not have the nack of making contacts on a regular thing to call friends, I am not great at chat rooms and end up in the corner just watching!

    1. woodsie, talk about happy things and your special interests, and when people get to know you they will be supportive of your situation. No one here can change your situation, but you can come as a regular guy and escape for a while.
      It takes a while to make friendships.

      1. Rose you give good advice but doing what i am for so long happy things are so few and the ones I remember are long ago the situation i am in is full time.
        Thank you for taking time, just passing through a phase i think they come and go can’t think of other reasons, can not change my situation as you said so its lone time for as lone as ?

        1. woodsie, the birds sing, the sun shines, and flowers bloom where you are, so you can speak of some of these. I know it is hard, but you have to try to see and share some of the pleasant things in your life.

  2. I do feel for you woodsie as I looked after my elderly aunt for over a decade and, like you, came to feel very isolated. But I would urge you to persevere with sc they really are a great bunch of people once you get to know them. Grab your confidence in both hands and join in the chat I really can assure you that you will be made welcome. Good luck to you.

  3. Hi woodsie I came to SC at a dark time in my life, and it was a lifesaver for me. I went into Chat at the beginning, but it was on the old site, and had lots of fun, but I don’t go into Chat now as by the time I visit my Groups I don’t have the time. I have met the most wonderful friends on this site, and they will remain in my heart forever. I did take a break from SC, but came back and it is a sanctuary for me. I do my little postings and make comments. I suffer from depression and have my down times, but SC picks me up and gets me going again. I have been on my own for 16 years and I understand loneliness and being alone, and have felt like you at times. Hang in there – check out some Groups that may interest you, and keep on with SC we are all here for you. Take care xoxo

  4. Thank you Foreveryoung I am pleased it works for you and a lot of others here It seems I just do not have that, that it takes to make contact with others do not know why its just the way it is some do some do not. I spend to much time thinking now and afraid negativity is the result of this some days are ok many are not.

    It is very warming when someone like yourself takes time to say something thank you again Steve XX

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