You know you've been away from people too long when you say, "THANK YOU, HAVE A NICE DAY." To a computerized voice.

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  1. Lina

    It can get worse – one also thanks the ATM, the automatic doors, the Satnav in your car… the list is endless….lol… xx

  2. jackiestone

    Have done that many times. We were taught to be polite, so we are just doing what our mothers and grandmothers would have us do. Thank you and have a nice day!

  3. myhurtingback

    Leaf you are Not alone.. Start to worry when you deliberately phone the automated voice and try to engage it in a conversation.. automated voices are horrible and are doing a job a human could be employed to do but are cheaper. Progress v unemployment.

  4. Linda

    But did you say in a computerized sounding voice? It only counts if you did. We are so programmed to do things. lol My sister left a voice message on her phone, she says Hello and pauses giving the caller time to say “Hi, what you up to” before she finishes by saying “I am not at home now, so leave a message:”. I know she has this on her phone, but seem to fall for it everytime! Give me some ideas of what message I can leave. lol

  5. leafofgold

    So it’s not just me!! We’re all a bit nuts. Reasons to question my sanity: Answering the phone with the TV remote, change the channels on the TV with the AC remote, and last but not least talking to voice on phone with either TV or AC remote. What I need is a remote to freeze the kittens in mid stride. Now that is a remote!!!!!!!!