Aggghh !!

Aggghh !!

During the night my sleep was disturbed
No noise around, not even a word.
My body said, some thing was not right
My mouth was throbbing all through the night.
I woke this morning and what was unveiled?
"Oh gawd blimey, an abscess", I yelled!

Why do these things always happen when there is a holiday and doctors, dentists, chiropractors etc are closed?

Now I have to wait till Tuesday πŸ™

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  1. heart

    OH NO! Horrors! But you certainly have a positive attitude to construct such a clever little poem from a very painful happening. Have you got anything to calm the pain? I hope I hope you do!

  2. starlette

    Oh dear PollyPie, what a damned mess,
    The pain and discomfort caused through your abscess,
    And to whom do you turn, to no one I fear,
    Only the painkillers can help you my dear,
    But the docs will soon open, and meds he will give,
    To clear the infection, and again you will live,

      1. shadow

        Sorry pollypie those smilies should have been under star’s poem post πŸ™ I hope you can get some pain reliever today? abscess’s are no fun to have no matter where they are on the body. xxx

  3. Jsmile

    Wow Polly! I’m so sorry. I feel your pain. You don’t have a emergency med place? Maybe you could go to the emergency room and get an on call doc to prescribe something for pain till the dentist office opens. Do you have any friends who can share some novocaine drops? I do feel for you.

    1. PollyPie Post author

      Thanks jsmile. I found an old bottle of antibiotics in the cupboard!!! Yeah I know I shouldn’t, but I did. I took some to see if they had any power left in them.

  4. cinta

    Ouch can feel the pain polly! Here’s a home remedy from the kitchen cupboard. Boil a handful of thyme, let it cool and gargle. Hope it’ll help till tomorrow . Cheers…………………keep smiling.

  5. roseinbloom

    PolliePie, I am so sorry about your problem. Please try googling emergrncy dental care. My dentist takes emergency calls and advertises in the phone directory. Use Listerine mouth wash. It is very effective in killing bacteria.The dentist just told me this, when I had an infection. He also prescribed antibiotics.
    I just googled home remedies and it said totakeibuprophen to relieve pain and swelling. It also recomends salt and vinegar.
    DENTISTS should be available to you. This is terrible, if they are not.

    1. PollyPie Post author

      Thank you Rose. It was the Listerine that I was looking for, and found it. πŸ˜€ PLUS (okay I know this is naughty but ….. ) I found a bottle of OLD antibiotics about 4 years old, and took double dose yesterday, and this morning its slightly better, and there is enough to last a few days.
      It was really great to hear everyones tips. Thank you all πŸ˜€