ACTION Plan for a COUCH Potato

I have never been an athletic type. I lack coordination for many sports like tennis, volleyball, or baseball. I liked to play them but never was very good. I was picked last for any team. The older I got, the harder it gets to keep on moving. Any kind of moving that gets you off the couch is good. I wear a step counter, it helps motivate me. Do what works and NEVER GIVE UP.

I am past seventy and still fully functional. If I drift to the couch too long, I start feeling lousy, so I have to get up and get moving again. The MORE I move, the BETTER I feel. Don't even think, I may OVERDO it. Won't happen; never has. I get my couch time. The problem is being motivated to move and work enough, but it is worth it.

 I am in my motivated state right now, and I hope it lasts. I do go to The Health and Fitness Group here on SC and post from time to time. I think that works for me, and I have  friends in Shout who are gardening and walking and cleaning, and I it actually sounds like fun or a GREAT IDEA so I do MORE of the same.

I finally learned a little about motivation. You only have a limited quantity so realize that and work on finding fun and passion that get you up and out. If you don't have it, don't go it ALONE; find help from others.  The years take a toll and the couch calls to you, but we have to fight back and it is worth it.

At my age, I am flexible and can do most anything. I am focusing on building muscles and strength. I lost too much of that. I don't love housework, but it is great exercise. I do like gardening, so I do that too. If I drift to the couch too long, I start FEELING LOUSY so I have to get up and get MOVING again. The more I move, the better I feel.That is the most motivating of all unless I forget it.  Don't even think, I may overdo it. Won't happen; never has; if any part of me actually twinges or hurts, I stop and give it a rest.  I have my failures and delays . Malaise, a little sniffle, a real issue like surgery and recovery or too many personal issues, will knock me right off my track.

I still eventually get up and get back to the track, to the work, to the gardening, to the volunteer work and to the gym or my exercise plan at home. Some movement can be done by almost anyone. Just call it physical or occupational therapy that you do for yourself.

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    1. creativereader

      Keep going. I believe you are doing everything right and most importantly, you have the right attitude of mind. I still walk my dog, not far admittedly, (But I do have someone who takes him daily), play with him in the garden and force myself to climb the stairs at least ten times a day.
      I also am trying to increase my muscle strength. There is nothing worse than feeling ‘antsy’ when you just need to get up and get going.

  1. len1932

    I do not have a plan to keep young except to get plenty of sleep. 8 hours at night 2 in morning nap and 2 in afternoon nap I get up at 6 AM and work in 1/2 acre garden for 1 hour, write a weekly newspaper column, be on Senior Chat several hours a day, make fishing tackle items for Tackle Stores as been a wholesaler for 47 years, Wash the dishes after evening meal in hot water to keep hands feeling well. Go to church every Sunday to thank the Lord for his protection and guidance. Live on a farm and have rentals . 2nd wife does the driving, cooking, and keeps me in line with her yelling,