Accept Change, and Change that Shocks our Soul

We all have heard the quote about change. "Give me the courage to change what I can change and ...". These words are part of a quote known as the "serenity prayer". Change of any kinds upsets our equilibrium and change that traumatizes a person that we care about should SHOCK our SOUL some or else we are not much of a human being. Our serenity is shattered. I think that the least a person deserves is to hear words that say an injustice has occurred and we are all in danger. A warning bell should be rung and everyone within hearing distance needs to realize that they are not as safe as they thought.

Naturally, if we stand up or shout against injustice, we endanger ourselves, but we humans do that sort of thing. Deer have a tail that has a white underside. The tail goes up and the other deer are signaled and that ONE deer is endangered. We are humans and we are more complicated, but I believe that we are hardwired to care for the herd and to take risks for the group. I hope I die before I crave serenity more than I crave justice and lose all efforts to further a just and caring world.

How do we know that we cannot change anything before we try? Offering concern may be small, but it can mitigate some of the injustice. Offering concern and showing care is really a huge thing to the person who has been injured or harmed. We are humans and that is the way we "roll". When one person negates our worth and value, one person can negate one person's power and that is why Each and every one of us can make a difference.

Maybe I am not wise. Maybe I am foolish, but I have to rant and rail against what I see as injustice and do what I can before I can have any kind of SERENITY. I wish I had less wisdom and more courage, because there is a whole lot that needs to be changed and I am not doing enough to change what can and should be changed. I still try to share the pain of my loved ones and give what comfort that I can, else I would have no serenity at all.

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  1. 2doghouse

    Sometimes it’s just something very small and we are pleased we stood up and spoke our mind. That might be all it takes to make a difference.

    1. darkfarmowl

      Sometimes it’s the smallest of actions that make all the difference. It’s not always possible to put right all the huge problems in the world but if we do something to make the smaller ones better – just reach out to somebody, offer a kind word, provide assistance – then the balance is redressed just a little.
      Tiny pebbles can start a landslide.

  2. Gia-Lu

    I enjoy to read the responses here – but I can not adding my opinion because I am not quite sure that I understanding what is the question very well….it is a little bit more than I can comprehend for the answers here…but I do enjoy to read the opinions…. and I hoping that I will be better at figure out the conversation between people. It is a appear to be a very nice (and deep) topic to consider…. I understanding the deers and the SERENITY – but I think is best if I not comment right now. I am getting use to read conversation between English people back and forth and some time I can figure out what it mean.. 🙂 I really truly enjoying and learning from reading the blogs… I like this very much. Thank you… 🙂 Gia xo

  3. Flynnsy

    Hi Bethany. I am having a difficult time right now. I used to go to aol chat for seniors but they have passed. I lost two members of my family on Wednesday and an grieving this. One has some negative residuals I need to process sometime. I am now on wine # 4 and will nap soon as I am 73 and do this a lot.

  4. foreveryoung2

    Rose I get lots of email Petitions to sign on various injustices in the world, and I sign those that I believe need voices to change. Many signatures/voices can change many injustices and I feel I have an obligation to help these changes happen, be it only by my signature. I am not in a position to donate to any of these Causes, but I am willing to add my name to the numbers to start Action happening. I am particularly against cruelty to children and animals and will support Causes that hopefully can bring some justice to these victims. We can’t change everything, all we can do is but try to change some.

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Von Michae, There is no American view of justice, we are 300 million people. The view I was taught and want to believe is that every person is entitled and worthy of justice. The Christian religion taught to give to others and love your neighbor and
      the stranger. So, we strive for justice. It is not perfect and the greedy are the first pigs at the trough and they climb in with four feet.We are also entitled to the fruits of our labor, but some people think they are entitled to the fruits of other’s labors.
      We made a lot of progress in justice for all, but in our country we have had set backs in recent times.

    2. roseinbloom Post author

      I agree with you, It is hard and you do something and it does make a difference. The biggest issue in our country is economic injustice. It has been getting worse for the last 30 years or more.