A Valentines Day Poem

I found this poem on the internet. I don't know who the author is, but it's perfect for Valentines' Day. This is for those who are lucky enough to have that 'special someone', cherish them, for those whose 'special someones', for whatever reason, are no longer around, I hope this brings back some special memories, and lastly, for those of us who are alone but are still searching, and living in hope..


Soft and gentle, loving and kind
Is he who loves this heart of mine.
Our hearts and souls that intertwined
Will share a deep love for all time.

When you meet that special soul
That fills your heart with joy,
It's then that you feel loves overflow,
And truly begin to enjoy.

As our two hearts connected
By that lovely golden string,
Our song of words became perfect
With beautiful thoughts that sing.

Never would I change a moment
Of my beautiful life with you.
Each moment has been pure amazement,
Of a love that is so beautifully true.

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