A newbie or not?

At a loose end this morning I logged into Senior Chatters hence the posing of this question. A newbie or not? You see I have been a member for four years and in that time have not really used the site, just flitted in and out now and again. I have not made a post, joined a group or made any friends, in fact it made me think, why be a member and not use it.

I joined because all those years ago I had recently lost my wife after being her 24/7 Carer for 29 years, found life difficult, became depressed and found it hard to come to terms with reality, got in a downward spiral really. Then good fortune stepped in and after a long difficult process life took a turn for the better, I met someone with similar circumstances, someone that I had known for appx.

12 years as a fellow Carer. To cut a long story short, now happily married, life has taken on a new meaning but all the friends that vanished through those many years of being a Carer need replacing, interests and hobbies reawakening, life is for living again, so yes in a way I probably would be classed as a newbie on here.

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    1. drummer

      Hello Lal 61 – Welcome – I too am kinda new here having just rejoined after an absence of 2 years – it really is great to meet up with old friends again – don’t be a stranger and enjoy your time with us – we’re not a bad bunch really!
      Best wishes