A new dawning at the start of summertime.

I wonder if the Launch of the new site was planned for today, if not it picked the right day in the ancients calendar to transform the old to the new.

Sitting in Norfolk where this celebration has been enjoyed for thousands of years it brings us the reality of expectations. This is the way that humans have progressed over the century’s by accepting and adapting to change. The negative will always look at the good things of the past and never at the bad.

The new design of this site allows for much more individuality in the way we talk to our friends and most importantly what we look at which interests us. It allows a broader scope for those who wish to share their views, projects with us. The groups can be of any interest allowing members of the site to choose their morning laugh or serious read.

On a personal basis no one can message you that you don’t accept as a friend and if you feel the need for a live chat that option is there, it means that discussion groups can talk when ever they like within that time zone.

The first launch day had it problems but on the world scale of things they are minute. Look at it this way, we have Wimbledon week and the weather has changed to greet the tennis greats of the world to a good old British summer. I suggest that getting to know how to push a few buttons on a this web site is easy compared to Mr Murray trying to lift that illusive trophy above his head.

So give Rob some support for being brave enough to go forward and meet new challenges. In my book they have done rather well.



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  1. Karen

    I agree with you John, from what I can see this site is going to be much easier to work with and I commend Rob for the changes he made. I’m sure once everyone gets familiar with it they will find it much better than the old.

  2. pathill

    is it “launch” or What is for “lunch” Johnpw, I totally agree love the new format, At least I did not have to scroll through all the jokes to find what I like. Philly pre pathill

  3. elvera

    well said John, for all the little frustrations when I first got here I am sure it will get easier to navigate. I also like the fact I can find friends quicker and see what they have been posting, rather than scrolling through loads of postings and maybe missing some key information.

    As long as we all hold hands I am sure we can ride this bumpy start out together. HUGS XXX