A Lonely Little Boy

A Lonely Little Boy
Bill S Graham

There was once a little boy,

Who was fed up with his toy,

So he crept out of his house late at night,

When not in his room, his mum and dad, they got a fright,

When he was caught, the reason he gave for his sneaky way,

To play with the little people, was all he would say.

There is no such little people, so you must be telling a lie.

The little boy grinned and said with a sigh.

“Perhaps, even maybe, but would I tell a lie?

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  1. pollie

    of course there are little people, and fairies, and hob nobs and goblins, and giants and elves, and the tooth fairy, and father christmas!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. pollie

    no bill i liked it …i was joking with you hun…i liked what you had written i wasnt been funny hun…i wouldnt do that to you…soz if ya thought i was hun 🙂