A Horse’s Tale

Sarah stood at the kitchen sink washing the morning breakfast dishes.  Out of the window she could see the overgrown neglected fields of their small farm.

“Ned, are you going to work in the fields today‽‽‽”

Ned wandered into the kitchen scratching his head as he yawned.

“Why do you always nag me.  I will take care of the fields when I get around to it.”

Sarah had heard those words too many times before, but the fields were still not taken care of and the birds had began to make themselves at home eating the corn from the tall stalks.

Ned told Sarah he would definitely go work in the fields today.  Ned dressed slowly and wandered out the door.  Sarah finished up the breakfast dishes and began to mix the bread dough and set it aside to allow it to rise.  She noticed it was very quiet outside.  She could hear the birds chirping and singing to one another.  She stepped outside to see what Ned was doing.

She was stunned to see her husband Ned in the fields on his hands and knees.  He was nibbling away at the grass along the edge of the corn fields.

“Ned!!! Have you lost your mind?”

Ned replied, “I’m not Ned; I am a horse.”

“You’re not funny Ned, if you don’t get up right now I will call Dr. Baker and have him come take care of you.”

Ned let out a loud whinny and looked at his wife, daring her to follow up on her threat.  Sarah stomped back into the house angrily.  She looked out the window and Ned was still in the field on his hands and knees.  She would teach him ~ she picked up the telephone and called Dr. Baker.

“Hello? Dr. Baker?  Ned is acting strangely this morning.  He is in the fields eating grass and claims he is a horse.”

Dr. Baker calmed Sarah down and told her he would be right there.  It wasn’t long that Sarah heard a knock on the door.

“Dr. Baker! I am so happy to see you.  Follow me, Ned is out back eating grass.”

Sarah dried her hands on her apron and led Dr. Baker out the back door and into the fields.

“He is right over there,” and she pointed to where she had seen Ned.  Dr. Baker followed the direction of her finger and looked over at the field.

“Sarah have you been nipping at the cooking sherry today?”

“I have not!”  Sarah looked over at the field and saw a large grey horse wearing Ned’s hat.

“Come, come Sarah.”  Dr. Baker took Sarah’s arm and led her to his buggy at the front of the house.  “We will get you fixed up in no time.  I will send a message to Ned so he won’t worry.”

Just then the old, grey horse whinnied and nodded his head.  It appeared to Dr. Baker that the old horse was smiling.

He helped Sarah into his buggy and drove away.

© Joy Elaine ~ October 28, 2005

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