A glimpse of Subhashits from Dev-vani: (The language of Gods)

A glimpse of Subhashits from Dev-vani: (The language of Gods)

Question :
What are Subhashits ?
A subhashita (Sanskrit: सुभाषित) is a literary genre of Sanskrit epigrammatic poems and their message is an aphorism, maxim, advice, fact, truth, lesson or riddle.
Su in Sanskrit means good; bhashita means spoken; which together literally means well spoken or eloquent saying.
( Source: Wickipedia )
Simple translations of 11 of them are produced here. No, they are not translated by me.
Not a horse, not an elephant, not a tiger is ever offered as a sacrifice at an altar.
It is a baby goat which is offered as a sacrifice. (Alas!) God too does not protect the weak.
Consideration like "he is mine or he is another's" occur only to the narrow minded persons.
To the broad-minded persons the whole world is a family.
One should sacrifice one's self-interest for the sake of one's family, one's family for the sake of one's town members, one's town members for the sake of one's nation, and sacrifice the whole earth for the sake of one's soul's enlightenment.
There are three jewels on earth: water, food, and adages. Fools, however, regard pieces of rocks as jewels.
A bad person uses his knowledge for (empty) argumentations, his wealth for egotistic actions, and his power for harming others.
The opposite is true concerning a good person: He uses his knowledge, wealth, and power for providing to others knowledge, financial help, and protection, respectively
A king forms the strength of the weak; crying forms the strength of a child. Keeping mum forms the strength of a fool; lying forms the strength of thieves.
There is no achievement like peace, there is no happiness like satisfaction, there is no disease like desire, there is no dharma like mercy.
Till the son is five years old one should pamper him. When he crosses five till he becomes 10 he should be spanked. (Tadayet means to spank) in reality those are the years when one needs to discipline him.
However, when he turns 16, he should be treated like a friend. ( Means he should feel that he is grown up and his opinion matters, which can happen when he is treated like a friend.)
A fully filled water container will not create much noise as compared to the half filled one. (When the containers are given some jirk the water inside it will also move and create some noise.).
Similarly 'Vidvaan' (Intelligent) people always remain calm and will not have any mis-placed pride as opposed to the people who know very less but always keep talking.
(all) creatures go to death one by one. (in spite of this,) rest (who are not dead yet) wish to live for ever.
Nothing is more surprising than this.
This is from Mahabharata, encounter of Yudhishthira with Gandharva. Gandharva asked Dharmaraja(Yudhishthira), what is the most surprising thing on the earth.
Crow is black, cuckoo bird is (also) black. What is the difference between crow and cuckoo bird ? (But) When spring arrives crow is crow and cuckoo bird is cuckoo bird.
(With the advent of spring, cuckoo bird starts singing with its sweet voice, but crow does not have this ability.)
Let me know if you liked them please ! Thanks and regards.

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  1. roseinbloom

    I found this very worthwhile, but I almost quit on title and introduction. We westerners like simple quick answers. You guys are smarter and know there usually isn’t any such thing.
    Number 8, about way to treat children is probably wise, but we have no real policy on this in the usa.
    Thank you for your blog.

  2. Abhilaaj Post author

    Thanks jcb1, Lyra and Rose.
    No Lyra, it is a mixed bag , from various sources.
    Glad to know you know about Upanishads. I look forward to a blog from you very soon !