A few thoughts

A few thoughts

I have been on this site for 4 years already. I have never experience any negativity. This could be because I am not actively involved in chats. Or it could be that I have mellowed to a point that nothing is worth fighting about; there is no need to vindicate what I did, what I am doing, or what I may or may not do. In other words, live and let live.
Having said that, I remember that when I joined seniorchatters, there were many life stories being told by the members. I would find that really interesting. It wasn't fiction, it was real life as they had experienced it. At the time I was inspired to do the same, and I found that therapeutic.
Today I have a sense of belonging to a community. I don't participate often, but if I have a need, the site is here for me.
Til next time,

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  1. roseinbloom

    Thank you for sharing and David sharing our story does make help us adjust and many would probably agree that this is true. I have had a similar experience with this site.

  2. lani36

    A lovely attitude Davidr, I am much the same , thinks it’s far better for all tobe uplifting, I do agree life stories help us to understand others and their journey through life…..here’s to many more years among our friends on senior chatters.xxx

  3. jenna

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts David.
    Like you, I can’t see the point in arguing or being negative….. life is too short.
    It’s nice to know that a friend is there to reach out to, even if it is hands across the ocean xxx