a few good men

A few good men was a good movie I enjoyed it and felt it had a message for all.
I was reminded of this movie the other day when I went into the chat room .
I was greeted with the usual
"hi how are you"
It wasn't long before I realised that everything was not right.One person was very upset that people she had thought,were her on line friends,were not any more.they had shunned her and she felt they said nasty things about her.
Oh I know it's not possible to like everyone on this site,but I do think it's possible to be polite and not talk about them in a nasty way,I know it's happening as I was shown copies of the many conversations that have taken place.
The very sad thing I find,is why we need to be like this.Thought when we were children we were taught to be nice to others,don't do anything that I wouldn't like done back to me,well I was anyway.
There will always be some people that we don't get on with ,but we don't have to talk about them and get others feeling the same way too.How hard is it to be nice?
In a few good men,he asked

"Why we didn't do anything wrong" Hall replied

"We did we were supposed to look after the weaker ones"

I feel that we are here to do the same thing
"Look after the weaker ones"
Because we never know when it's us that is going to be the weaker one!!!
I am sure then we would like to know, that there was someone on here in chat, that was here for me.I know I would!!!

I hope after this blog I will still be talked to,but if not I know that I haven't neglected the weaker ones among us .

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  1. brummieliz

    You have wrote some very true words, macca, there are a few in here I dont particularly like after receiving messages that were accidently sent to me by mistake. Have learnt now not to let them get under my skin, but politeness sake, I do say hello, wont alow myself to be dragged down to their level, I believe I was taught to be polite, even through gritted teeth lol, good blog Macca

  2. macathy Post author

    Sorry liz you have had to endure that,no need at all.i have found you nothing but polite and curtious at all times .thanks for reading this xxxxx

  3. powderpuff

    I try to take everyone as I find them, I don’t want people to dislike me so I don’t dislike them. it doesn’t cost a thing to be nice .

  4. tania

    I agree with your sentiments Mac, we will never always like everyone, or the world would be a boring place, but at least try to be kind to people… we walk this way but once.

    1. macathy Post author

      So the blessing and lessons all go to help us be better people I hope?
      Yes think so tans.lets all try on here to be nice to the weaker ones!

  5. cefnrider

    i have been known to have disagreements with some people and with some i find that just chatting in the room and ignoring their barbed comments to be the best way of making them realise that they might as well not make them as they are not affecting me. My opinion small as it may be is that if you want to use chat rooms just for being nasty then its best you dont use them at all and let others enjoy their time on it

  6. roseinbloom

    Macathy, Thank you for you thoughtful and well written blog.It has been said before and it needs to be said often, that we are here to make friends and we are not here to scape goat or be mean spirited to anyone.

    1. BuffaloSkinner

      lol,,, Or maybe it is I sir,, That’s has been doing it wrong,, Would not surprise me none if I had,,,,,