A Few Chickens and some Vegetables,

When we were younger, and had come home after doing shop management up , and down the country.

We  rented some land, and then we grew Vegetables, and also kept chickens , and ducks.We did use to get quite a glut on certain things that we grew, so we gave all the extra’s to the old people that we knew.

My Hubby was still in employment at Glaxo, so as we had the seventy chickens and six ducks, I had to walk over to where they were situated three times a day, for feeding , cleaning the huts out ect.

Hubby used to do shift work, so on every shift he took ten dozen eggs to work with him , (all were pre-ordered, plus the duck eggs) we only had those for one man. I had an honesty box outside the front of our home, and charged £1-00p a dozen for the eggs. I was never short changed or anything. Many a time when I got home, there was a phone message to please take more eggs to Glaxo as someone else wanted some. I could not keep up with the demand for free range eggs.

I have been know to double dig the ground for the veg. It was all good, and their were plenty of other people around to talk to and exchange goods with.

The man next to us used to grow things that we did not and visa versa, so we would exchange what he needed or wanted for what we needed.

It kept us out of mischief. lol.


Does anyone else have things they use to do?

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  1. starlette

    Hi Tania, I buy Duck eggs from a lady who lives a few miles away, she also sells free range eggs and other produce, Jams Chutneys she has made…….fresh flowers and veg…..but on my last visit she remarked that its all getting a bit much now, she has a huge garden and her allotment just up the lane….near enough 24/7 work…..I pay £ 1.60 for 6 Duck eggs….

    1. tania Post author

      Hi Starlette, yes it is very time consuming…we never sold for profit, we just made enough for the chicken feed and bits for them. We went to a farm in Flookburgh for the freshly harvested feed.I still buy free range eggs.Thank you for your input…xx

  2. drummer

    Well yes, I can add a little to this, when my father gave up the grocery trade we were quickly into the war years, and he ran a smallholding with a few pigs and free-range chickens and it was my morning task to search for the chicken eggs – There were times when eggs exchanged for butter!

  3. grandmaj

    Good one Tania, we used to have chickens and ducks. I didnt like watching my father cut the chickens heads off for sunday dinner though lol

    1. tania Post author

      Thank you Grandmaj , We never killed ours, they just keeled over with age, we never ate them.My Grandfather used to have chickens, and id he was going to kill one he used to send us away from the hut where he carried out the dreadful deed…lol