You meet someone on a given day for the first time, but like him immensely, for no discernible reason whatsoever, as if you have met an old school- pal, while someone else you happen to meet on the very next day ,apparently with a better grooming, with more attractive looks, with more chiseled features ,more dashing demeanor, but you still remain cool or aloof.
Have you thought about the reason?
Although in many cases it may not be true but in some cases it is because the first person has been a dear one from some past life, and that the unseen strings which bind your hearts and souls together are still existent, though un- seen.
Similarly, in the second case you may have had an unpleasant past, the bitterness of which still survived the lives bye gone. This is what probably the reason in behind the famous saying about loving your enemy, so that if you met him again in some next life, the bitterness would have already diminished or even evaporated.
Universal brotherhood
If you accept the challenge and make pro-active efforts to improve your relations especially with the people who irritate you with no valid reason, a time will come when every soul, every human being that you happen to come across will look to belong to your own extended family. This is what the Universal brotherhood or the Indian philosophy of the Vasudev Kutumbakkam (The whole universe is your family) attempts to convey.
No bias against any caste or creed
In fact it is of no use if we carried any bias or prejudice against a particular community or If you believe in Re- incarnation ,the pioneering American past- life regressionist,(and future life progressionist also ) Dr Brian L Weiss, has categorically stated that (for example ) a Hindu nursing such bias towards a Muslim, presently is bound to be born as a Muslim in the next birth and vice- versa. This is to make you realize the futility of hatred or bias for no valid reason.
So, if you wish to cut down your number of births to this planet, and learn your lessons of empathy, compassion, un- conditional love, and sensitivity to one and all, and graduate as a learned, emancipated and mature soul at the end of it, better make earnest attempts to be kind and loving, compassionate and helpful, to leave this planet a better place for future generations !

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  1. lani36

    Very similar to Taoism… very interesting thoughts and belief systems …. very interesting post…

  2. bathchairdave

    I don’t much like real fools( not talking about mentally impaired who I find often have great wisdom) so I had better start loving fools because otherwise I’m in to bat in next life as one.

  3. roshario

    Compassion (as the Dalai Lama put it ) It seems that for some people the idea of compassion entails a complete disregard for or even a sacrifice of their own interests. This is not the case. In fact, you first of all have to have a wish to be happy yourself – if you don’t love yourself like that, how can you love others? This was a big lesson I had to learn in life ..not a believer in reincarnation but I have met people for the first time and are very drawn to them for whatever reason I call them soul mates ……thanks for sharing Abh xxx