I came across the poem on my Word file, and wrote it so long ago, I'd completely forgotten about it.

C 2008 Jojo

A little boy and his dog,
Were playing in the woods,
Chasing each other around the bushes,
Without a care in the world.

The boy picked up a stick
And threw it high in the air,
The dog dashed off to retrieve it,
Neither one of them had a care.

Suddenly the boy heard a growling sound
Coming behind him from somewhere,
He turned in fright and was paralyzed
At the sight of a huge angry bear.

With darting eyes he saw she was a sow,
With cubs standing near at one side,
And in that instant, he felt sure,
That his time was up, we was to die.

But his dog, though small and weak,
Had no thought to let it happen,
The boy saw a flashing streak,
As the dog flew past him attacking.

Without fear he flew at the bear,
Biting angrily into her thigh,
The bear swung that little dog high,
Letting go, he flew up in the sky.

As he crashed to earth, she pounced
And the little boy instantly knew
She was killing his brave little dog,
There was nothing he was able to do.

He turned while the bear was distracted,
He ran and jumped over a log.
The cubs had joined her and were sniffing
At the body of that brave little dog.

The boy sobbed his heart out all the way home,
His mother heard his cries and rushed out,
She gently scolded and berated him
For having gone far as he roamed.

“My dog is dead” the boy cried out
In his anguish and his pain,
“The bear has killed him, now I know
I will never see him again.”

His mother took him on her lap,
And lovingly wiped his tears,
“Of course you will see him in Heaven,
He’ll be waiting there for many years.”

“When God created your wee dog,
He told him to look after you,
And make sure no danger came your way,
And be always protective of you.”

“He gave up his life, so he could save yours,
This sacrifice he made tenderly,”
Now that little wee dog that the boy had adored
Is a cherished, with love, memory.

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  1. sunflower2

    Beautiful poem Jo. I know how much I love my dog and how heartbreaking it would be to see him die like that. Dogs are God’s most loyal creatures.

  2. jojo Post author

    I entirely agree with you Sunflower – I have always loved dogs and think they’re one of God’s greatests gift to mankind. Just think what dogs can do – detect drugs, be protectors, be seeing eye dogs, be helping dogs to the disabled, retrieving dogs, police dogs – the list is endless – I can’t think of another animal that can do this much for our benefit as dogs do.

    Thanks so much for your comment, I really appreciate it.

  3. artist2047

    I am so protective of my Bailey that I won’t go away and leave him with anyone….Not only do I worry what could happen if they did not watch him carefully, but I know I wou,ld never be able to replace him….I wake up every morning with him sleeping beside my leg and I thank God he is in my life.