senior citizen 

Hi everyone I am from South Africa and just joined senior chatters. Funny how time flies and suddenly you are a senior citizen. Took me awhile to refer to myself as a senior as I have so much life left in me.  which makes me think on how we are categorised into social groups. on the one hand it can be a good thing because obviously categorisation makes sense i guess as I find myself enjoying the company of people in my age group. But there is still that stubborn youthful side of me that says I will not be categorised  lol 

Anyway would love to hear the responses of members and I am sure i am going to enjoy my stay on senior chatters

greetings from South Africa 

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  1. Hi pisces……dont think our brain age ever catches up with our body age…..its hard to put ourselves in a older category…..thing is sometimes the conversation seems to mainly consist of aches pains…hospital appointments…..medication…….nooooo…

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