“Man’s Best Friend”

You looked at me blankly as I called to you. You came to me and burrowed close to me as I put my arm around you. You couldn’t get close enough as you started to lick my arm. You sighed in contentment as I stroked your back and I laughed.

When it was dinner time, you couldn’t eat the juicy chicken in your dish fast enough. You looked around for some more even though I thought you would burst after eating what you did.

As I watched TV, you jumped up and started pawing me, and when I didn’t pay attention, you got frustrated. You wouldn’t let me ignore you, and if I did, you would make me pay.

You ran happily to the back door when I finally got up and listened to your message. You ran to your favorite spot, sniffed, circled round and round, and relieved yourself. You were so happy now and walked around your domain sniffing to see if there were any trespassers.

There was some movement, some leaves blowing in the wind. You got scared and wanted to come in immediately. You enjoyed the treat I gave you, lights out, you went into your bed and you turned and pawed until your blanket was just right. You started snoring loudly, you were finally asleep.

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  1. tonytalltexan

    I believe the saying came from the American Indian lore originally, or perhaps Arab, but it says, “nothing is as good for the inside of a man as the outside of a horse.” And I’m sure the same thing applies to dogs. You were talking about a dog, I hope……lol

  2. artist2047

    Sunflower there is nothing more rewarding than the amount of unconditional love your dog will give you. I pay close attention to everything my Bailey does and learn many things from him.
    I have learned how to be more intuitive to tell the difference between a good perason and a questionable one.
    He alert me when there is someone or something leaving the condo building because his hearing is so keen. He knows the weather better than the commentators do and is more accurate.
    When I’m not feeling well his big brown eyes and kisses let me know I’m not alone.
    I’m very lucky to have him in my life.

  3. frantzwa

    Loved that Sunflower….my dogs are my “life line” and I can’t imagine life without them. They give so much and ask nothing in return but love and care. I read this once…”Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative.” LOL…but OH so true!!

  4. frantzwa

    Also, I have a copy of the “Rainbow Bridge” which is beautiful…if you would like me to send it to you, send me a note and I will .

  5. pollie

    that was lovely and has me in tears as i have just lost my big beautiful boy who was the love of my life amd meant everything to me. My heart is in pieces and my world is shattered 🙁