When we awake this morning

Our thoughs are full of dread

Another day of worrying

How far has it now spread

When we switch on the telly 

No other news we see

It really is depressing 

It scares both you and me

But let’s not be downhearted friends 

Rise up and make a cheer

For all who daily battle 

To keep life safe and clear

This plague WILL be defeated

Our people WILL survive

We all must just be patient

And come out the other side.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Scorpio. I’m awake because I am worried sick since my husband works at a hospital (in the Emergency Room).

  2. Thank you Yas and Pam. 😊 I do so sympathise with your fears Pam , it is such a real threat to our loved ones who all do such stirling work keeping us safe and on the road to recovery.

  3. Every word very true and very well put
    One thing I do know when we all come through the other side is that theres going to be a massive celebration
    Please stay safe everyone and take care xx

  4. An excellent, uplifting post, Scorpio — we are in very worrying times – to put it mildy —

    All we can do is be as careful as possible – be responsible – and try to assist those in
    need when we are able to do so.

    Look for the light at the end of this dark tunnel — and then celebrate!

  5. Thanks for sharing, Scorpio.
    Let’s be thankful to the medical and nursing staffs ; most of them devote themselves to their difficult work.
    I admire them. They are risking their health and lives although working without adequate means (not enough room in hospitals, lack of masks, medicines, test-kits…)
    Thanks to them we’ll win.

  6. Trying to remain positive and looking at the statistics to how many have probs had the virus with mild symptoms…how many have died to how many have survived……..I have to look at it this way, my grandson is a Ambulance man transporting covid 19 patients, sometimes driving, sometimes sat in the back with them…….not enough PPE, hand wash….his partner a nurse and my daughter a manager supporting vulnerable adults, so they have to be out there………people who moan they are bored and don’t know what to do whilst staying indoors get short shrift from me……..I wish my family had the luxury of isolation……

  7. As some of you are aware, I have been in and out of hospital since December, and will be back in next week. Anyway my point is, with all the precautions we are meant to be taking, which by the way, I have done for years anyway. I observed things while I was in hospital, I know its a hard job being a nurse , doctor, cleaner whatever job in a hospital, but at times like this they should be taking extra cautions. One think the blood pressure machine, I had to ask them to wipe it over before putting it on my arm after coming out of an isolation room and it being on that patient. Another thing was, while waiting to go into theatre in day surgery, I watched a staff member , cleaner/wardperson, move bin after bin full ones empty ones, no gloves, so he should for one, have gloves on, and second he should not be given the job of being around patients after doing that job, but alas I seen him bringing patients down from the wards, no gloves. So makes me worry for next week. I try to be a good patient as they are all under pressure, but there is times when you have to take care of yourself….

  8. Star I think my problem is, I used to work in a hospital for over 10 years so know all about infection control. I know how fast things can spread. You never put staff that have worked in dirty area such as in rubbish then put them in clean area. Especially in theatre. Hubby said he going to put a blindfold on me next week lol

  9. I think all your comments are very valid gran.I was due to have laser eye surgery and a dental checkup earlier this month but I cancelled both.I’m waiting until things hopefully return to some kind of normality.